Australia Kitchen and Bathroom Trends AU Kitchen and Bathroom Trends Vol. 30/8 - Page 120

Above: The wall tiles lining the toilet area in the powder room are a matt black. They feature a wave pattern reminiscent of rippling water. Above right: A sauna room adjoins the powder room. This is lined with cedar, both inside and out. LED uplighting enhances the intimate ambience of the space. Story by Colleen Hawkes Photography by Jamie Cobel 118 that line the recess. These tiles are similar to the black ones on the surrounding walls. But we calmed down the look by introducing a smooth black granite edge to the niche.” The toilet area of the powder room, behind the vanity, features a matt black wall tile that has a distinctive wave pattern. This references the rippling water of the sea beyond the clifftop house. search | save | share at “We chose a matt surface for these tiles so the texture would be more pronounced with the natural light streaming through the window,” says the architect. This part of the room has an electronic toilet with bidet, and a urinal. There is also a sauna room adjoining the powder room. This is fully lined with cedar, and features LED lighting. The flooring in both rooms is a dark timber-look porcelain tile that introduces another textural element to the interior. save | share Search 42962 at see master suite Search 42846 at