Australia Commercial Design Trends Series AU Commercial Design Trends Vol. 33/1C - Page 92

of choice, and growing up with the advancements in technology are all contributors. They are living in bigger houses, with more amenities designed exactly how they want. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Everyone has a desire to create the lifestyle that they want. So when their mind is cast forward to thinking about whether they need to downsize, why would they want to live in something they’re not in love with? Why would they give up what they’ve created as their normal? The solution Perceptions This shift is going to take time, and changing search | save | share at perceptions about seniors living and aged care isn’t something that happens overnight. We need to break the perception that these villages should still be designed like they were in the 1970s – and the best way to do that is to start bringing new models to market. A conversation needs to be started among key decision makers in local and central government, the industry and, of course, the people who will be living in these facilities. If we can create a dialogue that moves retirement living and aged care accommodation into a realm where it’s highly sought after, the perception that these facilities are the ‘last resort’ will be a thing of the past. These pages Let’s take the word hospital out of senior accommodation. Waterbrook has been developed as a true resort style concept, while ensuring that care facilities are discreetly available, if and when they might be needed.