Australia Commercial Design Trends Series AU Commercial Design Trends Vol. 33/1C - Page 73

Below:The new South Australia Drill Core Reference Library cuts a bold figure in sleek glass and weathering steel. The glass facade activates the building at ground level with exhibitions and sculptures visible from the street. Even today, much of South Australia’s riches still lie buried deep in the ground, in the form of untapped mineral deposits and energy resources. Leads for potential new seams are discovered in part by geologists’ scrutiny of massive core drill samples gathered from across the state. Previously these cross-sections of layers of earth and mineral deposits were held at four over-stretched facilitie s. Now, the new South Australia Drill Core Reference Library consolidates all these core samples into one expansive facility, making it a go-to destination for geologists and scientists. The staggering 7.5 million metres worth of drill core samples date from 130 years ago to the present. However, much as forensic advances throw fresh light on old DNA cases, so too do new geotechnical technologies reinterpret old cores for fresh tell-tale information. The new Core Library is situated at the Innovation Centre at Tonsley – close to relevant infrastructure and the airport. Having worked on the business case for the placement of the library at that location, architecture firm Thomson Rossi became the logical choice to design the building. Simon Thomson, director at Thomson Rossi, says that as a flagship geological resource, the facility had to have strong visual impact. “To achieve the stand-out architectural look required, we designed the cladding to reflect the search | save | share at