Australia Commercial Design Trends Series AU Commercial Design Trends Vol. 33/1C - Page 59

The new, agile worker is concerned about how they get the most out of the space, whether it’s working from a pub or working from an office. So, there’s no denying it, the office is going through an identity crisis. The contingent workforce is growing as some people choose to opt out of the workforce altogether, frustrated by commuting long distances and turning up to the same, un-engaging workplace. How do we cater for the demands of this more agile breed of workers? They require the workplace to be productive, to engage with workmates in a positive way, but also ensure that they can get the job done. And we are witnessing the blending of workplace and lifestyle in a way that was never previously imagined. Workers are prepared to spend longer hours at work if they are able to undertake more of those other essential life tasks in the workplace. The workplace is where we spend most of our week and if we can do our shopping, hold a virtual doc- tor’s appointment and practice mindfulness from our smartphone then all the better. Are current workplaces equipped to allow us to do this and get on with our working day? Sheree Rubinstein, the impressive CEO of One Roof, an international co-working concept for women, said recently: “A lot of the (occupier) conversations are around the additional facilities that people need search | save | share at