Australia Commercial Design Trends Series AU Commercial Design Trends Vol. 33/1C - Page 30

new Los Angeles headquarters. The company had leased a building just across the street from its existing premises and wanted to re-develop it into 13,000m 2 of space for its 600+ staff. “But you have to ask yourself why go through this process if your staff don’t need to turn up if they don’t want to?” asks Mitchell. “Edmunds did it because it wanted to entice people to be there. It’s like having a clubhouse that you want to go to, even if it means a two-hour drive to work in LA traffic.” He says this was the business driver for creating the space. A branding message was then layered search | save | share at on top of that, to talk about what Edmunds does. Edmunds provides online automotive information – not actually selling vehicles, but facilitating their purchase. “Car companies are its clients, so the company wanted a space that was evocative of cars, motion and highways. We needed to make staff happy but we also wanted visitors to be excited.” That’s achieved as soon as anyone steps into the main lobby. Rotating above the reception desk is a 2016 Corvette, with another Corvette – the iconic 1966 model – above that at first floor level. Mitchell says that ground floor also contains Previous pages and below:In keeping with the nature of the business, M+M Creative Studio’s interior design is evocative of cars, highways and motion. Facing page:Staff are not compelled to be on the premises – the company operates on a system of trust that their work will be done. However, the staff facilities are designed to entice staff to want to come to be on the premises.