Australia Commercial Design Trends Series AU Commercial Design Trends Vol. 33/1C - Page 26

Project headquarters Location: Santa Monica Architect: M+M Creative Studio WORKING ON TRUST If you’re one of the 600+ staff at, you’re not compelled to attend the office every day – but with premises like these, most people want to Changing workplace philosophies have forced us to seriously rethink workplace design in recent years. Non-hierarchical layouts, collaborative envi- ronments, quiet spaces, a social kitchen/cafe area – these are all becoming commonplace features. One of the more radical of these new workplace philosophies has been ROWE – a Results Only Work Environment. Essentially this is a programme designed to search | save | share at increase productivity by giving employees the free- dom to work on their own terms and in their own time. It’s a system based on trust that measures staff only on the results they produce – not the amount of time they spend at their desks. So how do you design a workplace for staff that don’t have to be there? That was the challenge facing architect Chris Mitchell when working with on its These pages:Pride of place at Los Angeles-based online car marketer goes to the reception area, with two Corvettes rotating above the desk. Overhead is an inverted 2016 Stingray Convertible, while on top of that, at first floor level, is an iconic 1966 Stingray – marking the year the company started.