Australia Commercial Design Trends Series AU Commercial Design Trends Vol. 33/1C - Page 15

Facing page:With organic sweeps that never repeat exactly, the large stair voids give the Mirvac fit-out a strong sense of individualism and character. Below:One of the reasons the EY Centre was chosen by Mirvac as the site for a new flagship building and their own office was its central location with stunning city, harbour, and bridge views. only one stair, but the progressive company wanted quite a different approach here. So, involved in the project from the time of the building’s construction, Davenport Campbell was able to customise the base build and have inter-floor stairwells expanded and given an individualistic, curvaceous form, with no straight lines employed. “The sculptural voids were vital to communicate connection, community and innovation – core values for Mirvac,” Johanson says. “From the moment you enter the HQ on the social and meet- ing-oriented Town Hall floor you are immediately in touch with who Mirvac is and what it does.” In addition the floors were raised on the fit-out to allow easy relocation and connection of services. “Helping Mirvac create a unique customer experience was quite a challenge. The Town Hall had to support Ted Talks, share price announce- ments, product launches and social events, so we raised the floors to provide the greatest amount of flexibility for these curated experiences. “In an environment focussed on enabling people to choose how and where they work, developing an effective location strategy became critical to the search | save | share at