Australia Commercial Design Trends Series AU Commercial Design Trends Vol. 30/9

38\r\n\r\nCONTENTS\r\n6\r\n\r\nWORKPLACE\r\nCharter Hall, Sydney An open, transparent office with a floating glass box meeting\r\nroom and elevated deck reinforces the huge cultural change that has transformed this\r\nworkplace 8\r\n\r\n46\r\n\r\nDNV GL Technology Centre, Singapore When a global giant in risk management\r\nbrings together various business arms at one address, the interiors are likely to foster\r\nengagement all round 14\r\nKimberly-Clark, Chicago This contemporary fit-out of the penthouse floors of an\r\niconic Art Deco building has created the perfect home for a corporate team specialising\r\nin social media research 22\r\n\r\n28\r\n\r\neducation\r\nMIT Manukau Campus, Auckland This tertiary campus straddles a railway line,\r\nseamlessly linking a new business school with a transport interchange 30\r\nTyree Energy Technologies Building, UNSW Creating a new technologies building\r\ngave this university an ideal opportunity to walk the talk for sustainable design 38\r\n\r\n46\r\n\r\n54\r\nCover\r\n\r\nAPARTMENTS\r\nThe Interlace, Singapore With its hexagonal matrix of interlocking building blocks,\r\nthis residential development weaves a new sense of collective engagement 48\r\n\r\nInteractive classrooms and student breakout hubs line\r\neach level of the atrium in the new MIT Manukau Campus.\r\nThese feature colourful furniture and pods where students\r\ncan meet and share ideas. See full story on pages 28-37.\r\nPhotograph by Jamie Cobel.\r\n\r\nEliza, Sydney While the sandstone exterior of this new apartment building fits within\r\nthe historical context of the inner-city streetscape, the building methodology and\r\narchitecture is pure 21st century 54\r\n\r\n60\r\n\r\nMARKET SECTOR REPORT\r\nLED Technology: Street Lighting The rapid adoption of LED street lighting\r\ntechnology has underscored the need for new specifications and guidelines, says\r\nAndy Collins of Opus International Consultants 60\r\n\r\n64\r\n\r\nProject portfolio\r\nGrant Thornton House Podium, Wellington Boasting a contemporary profile and\r\ntransparent, engaging aesthetic, this prominent building has been given a facelift, and\r\nnow opens up to shoppers at street level 66\r\nHarley Gray Building, Middlemore Hospital, Auckland Designed to integrate\r\nseamlessly with existing facilities, this state-of-the-art clinical services building is at the\r\nheart of Middlemore Hospital 72\r\nCeres Organics, Auckland Raw, unfinished materials, a living wall, and a commitment\r\nto sustainability reflect the core values of the company behind this new office and\r\nwarehouse 78\r\n\r\nofficial media partner\r\n\r\n