AURA Elite International Magazine Issue IX- Featuring Billy Crawford - Page 8

Heal t h & Beaut y THERMILIFT The real non surgical facelift Many machines have claimed the ability to do non-surgical facelifts but only the thermilift can substantiate its claim. Most of the other machines work only to the level of the skin, unfortunately, in order to truly create a facelift we need to affect the different layers of the face : skin, fat and muscle. Unlike other machines that only treats the top layer of the skin and cannot penetrate the deeper layers, Thermilift is an injectable RF. The very first and only machine that enters the skin through a thin probe. With this we can target the level of tissue that we want. We can target the wrinkles on the skin, can also melt the fat on the jowling. It can also address the muscle that becomes sagging and in time causes a double chin. S adly all the other machines do not work well on the neck. While the Thermilift can melt fat and tighten it like no other machines before it can. This machine is the first FDA cleared aesthetic device that employs temperature controlled RF. Also perfect for Asian skin because there is no cutting of the skin therefore no scars. Belo Medical Group proud to be the first and only to introduce the next big thing in aesthetic anti?aging trend. Known to be in the forefront of technological breakthroughs in dermatology, Dr. Vicki Belo does it again. From the first ever skin laser in 1990, introducing Botox to bringing Picosure last year, the maven of a Doctor now brings The Thermilift : the real non surgical facelift. ThermiLift is the next Big thing on skin tightening and rejuv [][ۋ\[ۛH]Z[XH[[YYX[ܛ\ ܛX[H][Y[H[\[\[X\H K˘]\Y[][XY^[KB M]H^[[HوHXZ]H[ܚ[K[Y\[]H[YHوY[ZXY H][\œ[YHHۙH[ۛHؙ\[Y܋[\™ܘXYHHY\\ˈH[OܙX][\”Y[H[\]Y^[X\[Y]\H[\YX]]Y[ۙ][وH\[ۂ[[X]HHX]]B܋XH[\[[X][\\^H]^KYY[š\\[ۈ܈[ݘ][ۈ\[]\\[YH\BY؞K܈[\][ۘ[[\و\ZHY\]X\H[O\[ۛBX]]H[X]HB]][ۘ\BX]Y[ \Z[Y \Z[Y\]Z[XH]H[YYX[[X[YYX[^K[ܜ[Y[^[]HZ[[H\[X[[^K\H\\YYY\X\[ۂH]\H[ˈ[^HXYوHX[H]][Y\Z[Y[Z\X[و\ZPY\]XUTB[]H[\][ۘ[[XY\ܞB[[ HTQHV