August 2017 Magazines 89123 - Page 57

A Step Above 2018 Emma Whipple What motivates Silverado High School Student Body President Emma Whipple to keep reaching out and making a difference in the world? Ask her, and she’ll tell you it’s “the happiness I’ve dis- covered through serving others, including my friends and family.” It’s a beautiful summation of her priorities, which places personal enrichment on the same level as fostering close relationships with those she cares about most. With plans to bring more unity to her school in the upcoming year, soon after going to college and becoming a nurse, she’s is eager to spread her brand of posi- tivity and kindness as she journeys into her future. For now, Emma Whipple is most definitely– A Step Above. G.P.A.: 4.48 Sports/Activities: • JV Soccer, 2014/2015 • Dance Show, 2015 • Footloose–Ensemble/Townsperson, 2015 • Bella Voce Choir, 2014-2015 • Concert Choir, 2015-Present • Student Council, 2014-Present • Class Committee, 2014-Present; Vice President, 2015-2016; Secretary, 2016-2017 • Student Body President, 2017-2018 Awards/Community Service: • Student Council Sophomore of the Year, 2016 • Young Womanhood Recognition Award, 2017 • Senior Residential Care, 2014 • Down Syndrome Organization of Southern Nevada, 2015 • Clean the World, 2016 • Families for Effective Autism Treatment, 2016 • Princess Lee Foundation, 2016 • Light House Charities, 2016-Present • St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church, 2014-Present • Three Square, 2014-Present • Shade Tree, 2015-Present What are you looking forward to as Student Body President? “I have been in student council since my freshman year, and I have come into contact with many great leaders. I am excited to take what I have learned and make positive changes with the help of my student body officers. Have you encountered any significant life experiences that have made you a stronger person? “A couple of years ago, my youngest brother was in the hospital for several days. It was a scary time. None of the doctors knew what was wrong with him. Fortunately, with time, he returned to his full health. I learned that a lot of things are out of my control, and sometimes there is nothing that I can do but be patient. I also learned not to take my family for granted, and to cherish each moment with them.” Who is someone you look up to and why? “I look up to my mom. Because of her, I have a greater appreciation for mothers and their selflessness. I will always be indebted to her and the sacrifices she has made for me and my family. She is the best listener and she has the best advice. My mother is my best friend.” August/September 2017 Do you have a favorite quote? “Joseph B. Wirthlin said, ‘Come what may and love it.’ This quote hangs by my family’s front door, so I see it every day before I leave for school. It is a reminder that not everything turns out the way I might expect it to, but complaining about the situation is not going to change it or make it any easier to endure. Instead, I can focus on the good in each situa- tion. When I remain positive, I am the most content and happy with my life.” 57