August 2017 Magazines 89123 - Page 12

Letter from the Editor August marks just over the halfway point of 2017, and what an interesting year it has been so far. There are so many exciting and new things being created in the world, but unfortunately most mainstream media wants to only report what’s negative. The Zip Code Magazine’s goal, on the other hand, was to highlight the best of what is going on in our neighborhoods from our outstanding students to neighbors that work very hard to make our community better. So the next time you are feeling frustrated with what is going on in the world, turn off the TV, grab a cold drink and read about the positive things going on all around you. It’s a unique per- spective that’s bound to make us see the brighter side of life. This is the time of year when BBQs and pool parties are in full swing, and whether you are cooking at home or bringing a dish to the party, you want to make sure what you bring is a standout. For this reason, we decided to peruse 14 years of recipes we’ve featured in our Love of Food (pg 24) section, revisiting our most memorable and talked about summer recipes. And we found them! Gourmet burgers and a tasty adult beer float are sure to make your next BBQ the hit of the season. Having a beautiful backyard to serve those burgers to family and friends is a must in the valley. Why not go over the top, creating a space with various living areas that take you from pool to dinner to drinks in the same backyard? Designer Leslie Parraguirre of Colours Inc. shows us how in our Designer Secrets feature (pg 46). Whether it’s a killer BBQ area, a Strip inspired cabana, or the perfect place for al fresco dining, you’ll find the inspiration here. Finally, summers in Las Vegas are not for the faint of heart. With the mercury already exceeding 115 this year, protecting yourself and your pet against the heat is imperative. I see so many people walking their dogs in the middle of the day, but you need to be so careful because when it hits just 87 degrees, a milestone that can easily be our low temp for the day, the asphalt can reach up to 143 degrees, burning little paws and setting your pet up for heat stroke. In our Petpourri article (pg 40) we go back to the basics with tips to keep your pets safe against the searing temperatures. There is always a lot going on during the summer months in Las Vegas. Make sure you check our Circle the Date (pg 62) section or go online to so you don’t miss out. As always, thanks for your support and I look forward to seeing you in the neighborhood. Greg GREG WAGONSELLER Editor-in-Chief