August 2017 Magazines 89074 - Page 66

Haute Spot Sunday Funday Brunch at Boteco By Aly Wagonseller IN MY BOOK, A GREAT BRUNCH MUST POSSESS three things if it’s worth peeling off the PJs on an early Sunday morning: a menu that’s thoughtful and diverse; a casual, relaxed vibe; and most importantly–a glass (or two) that over- floweth with bubbly libation. And, although we’ve been for- tunate to see a few great neighborhood brunch spots pop up over the past couple of years, a new, very impressive addition to the Sunday Funday scene has arrived. Boteco, located at 9500 So. Eastern Ave. #170 marries a quaint, corner bar expe- rience with a pedigreed chef who’s brandishing serious culi- nary skills. It’s worth kicking off the covers for. Not just for brunch (they’re open for dinner only with the exception of Sunday morning), the Boteco concept derives from a Brazilian watering hole serving respectable wines and $2 beer at will, while offering small bites for casual conversa- tion and social time. It’s a Portuguese thing that translates ala Spanish tapas houses. Chef Rachel LeGloahec is classically trained, having honed her craft at heavy hitting Michelin Star restaurants that include Robuchon, L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon, and Relais & Chateaux White Barn. Using a bit of global poetic licensing, she’s created a simple, yet sophisticated menu with Asian, French and Spanish influences, offering a wide range of dishes from Spanish black-footed pig served with tomato bread, to pork belly on a Bao bun accompanied by tamarind gastrique and pickled pineapple, or a traditional Coq au Vin they bill as Chicken [X\ H[ܙYY[\BوHY\]X[]K[HH\[\[][ۈ\HۋH]Z[]\۸&]X[ۙY[HZ\ۂ[^H[ܛ[˂H[Y[H\X[[X\ۘ[H[Y[Y Y]YBXY[H]\H܈\YY\\ˈ܈H[]\ٞBH[ܛ[Y] [X[ۜ][YH]ؙ\B[[\YۙH[Z\\Y]XH[N܂ۚYو[܋H[[H\\[H[\\Y]X[]\[]\Y[X[YB\\܈ܙYZ[\] \\ۈ\Z]XYH]Z] \HXYH\\]pH[][\ۙ^H[YBXK]ܞH\\H]8&\]܈YKY [\H\]XH[X]Y \[]H\HXYHH\Y[[ۈܘ]^ ^x)\ ]\H[[ۈ\Y[YKB\Hx)[]H[][]X[\[H\] HY[[[\[]\X\[YYH[BXYYۚ[ۋو[H\\[Y[XYH\Y]Y\ \[X\ M˜ܰYHpK[\Yۈ[HZY[\\X[XYYY][\YYˈXZ Y\]Y^8$Y\[H\\YH]Y\[[Y\$H]Z[][\Y\œ\[]XZHH\\]]YHۈZ\[\Y[K\[Y]H\X YY][H\H[\\]\Hܙ\Y H[\XZ\[\[ZXK^Y]\Y]\]\[\Y]H[HYHY]YY\B\X\ˈH[Y[]X[\Yܚ\HۂH]\Y\Y]ܙX[^H[H[\[܋[HX[H\YZXܛܙY[[YXݚYYHX\\HXYX[B\\ [Y]\\H\ [ܙH[X[ۜ][YYYY[Xۈ\]Z]”Y\Y]H]XZ[Y[\YۈH[H[\[\XH[KXYH][\ܚ^XZ[ܘ[XYY[ٙ\Y][]YܙX[H]Z\YHX\܈YK\H ]HYHܘ\[YX[HXX[XHۈ^H[]K܈Y][][X]H[X \\X[\\[ۈX[YYšY\]Y\[^XY \\\[HYHBX[HوXX[X\وYHܘ\[XY]]܈\š[\Y[H[Y[[H]X\[YY[[\[\š[Z\H]XH] [H^YY[H]ܙ[ \۸&]ݙ\HX]KXYY\H\X[ۋ[[Yܙ\B]H]\K\[Y[^Yۚ[ۈ[Xۈ\YYB[H[[Y[و\ٝ[\\H\[Y]\ [\۸&][]]H\H[[\\[X™\۸&]\\[\HZ]\]\[HHHYBHX\H][H[\HXYH[ܚX\[\YۙHHH\܈H LXY]\\\YH[ \^Y[\YۙH\\[Y]Z^[X]XX[[KX\[\\܈]\H[[ۘ[™]ܜ[x&\H\H]HH[^H[[Y [ [YH\]\[\X[[]XZ[8$H[Y[x&\HXH]وYX\H܈\[HYZH[ۘH]]\x$H]X[]Hو[[š\H\ܝHZ] ]8&\H\X]Y[[ۈ[B۸&][Z\ˈX\[Y\^HY]\^HH KLLK][^H[HKM [[B] ML Ľ܈\\][ۜˈ8