August 2017 Magazines 89074 - Page 34

Tell Us About... Feeling Good at Any Size or Any Age Feeling good about yourself can make a huge difference in how you live your life. If you’re too hard on yourself it can be paralyzing; keeping you from doing the things you love simply because you don’t like how you look and feel. But confidence doesn’t have to be held hostage by a number on the scale. It’s more about being the best version of yourself; relying on exercise that makes you feel good, food that promotes good health and natural cosmetic procedures designed to help you put your best foot forward in daily life. Stevie Abrusci, owner of Stevie's Healing Arts Spa and Yoga, located at 80 N. Pecos Rd. Suite A., discusses how yoga and Pure Sculpt natural body treatments will have you loving your body no matter what the size or shape. You’re quite enthusiastic about natural body sculpting techniques as well. What are they all about? Despite exercise and nutrition, many people deal with cellulite and areas of the body that are resistant to weight loss. If that’s something that keeps you from feeling good about yourself, yet you don’t want to go under the knife, a procedure called PureSculpt Body Treatments may be the answer for you. It’s a noninvasive treatment procedure that activates the lymphatic system, contours the body, reduces cellulite and improves both skin tone and circulation. How do PureSculpt Body Treatments work? The procedure involves two steps: WoodSculpting and PureSculpt Ice Body treatments. WoodSculpting is a centuries old practice that involves various wooden instruments that are used for approximately 20 minutes over the body, improving the overall appearance and health of each area. Next, PureSculpt Ice is applied to the body in a frozen state. The product encourages the natural process of Cold Induced Thermogenesis to occur, whereby fat cells are burned in order to raise the body temperature back to its normal state. Toxins are then expelled naturally through the body. This treatment can be done up to three or four times per week. It’s the newest, organic way to contour the body. Healing the body and mind is obviously a priority at you K][H[Hٙ\[[Hو[B^HY[]\X][\[\\HܛY\[X܈]H]\[]]HوX[[\[[^VHZHYH[\ۘ[HZ[[HYY[X\[Y\]XX[]^HKHٙ\\[\\\قX\YKXX[[\Yܘ\ZZH[][HXY[ˈY]8&\œY][][[\X[HܙX]HH]\[K[x&[[H[Y]H]8&\[\ܝ[܈[Hو[H^HY[YܝXH^\\B[ˈ[HX\\\][\Y[™[]\KHٙ\H\[Y][[[KHۛHH[H]ٙ[]K]X[H]8&\\YۙYݚYHHYK[\]H\]]\[ۙK\]HZ\^H܂X[]K[\\[Hۛ]]8&\ZHY[8']8'H[8'['NY[\Y[H۸&][ۙˈ^H\\\HY\[ []\[HH [܈[˜][ H\\X]X\[H\X[H[Y[[HX[Y\\][[[HY\[[\[H\\“^HY[H]HܙX]HH[][]H\HH[[ܛ]\[\˜\\X\Y\] ]\Y[[[K\\Yو Z[]\وXX[\]\H[YYY܈Y\[H\\]\]HH[Y\Y\܈HY\[K\Y[[X[ۈ\][[[H\\[[][˜[Y]HHܚ] H[^\\H\Z[] MHZ[]\وY][ۘ[YY]][ۋ[x&[X]HY[[\X[HX\\Y Y]XXY[[\K[Hٙ\\\\܈H]X^H]HY\[YY“ݙ\ZY܈[؛[KHٙ\\Z[[\و[H[[]\][YH[X\K]H[\ܘ]]H[[]Y\ˈ]\[x&\HHY[\܈]B^\Y[KH]HH\][ܚ܈[\X[]Y\˂]Y\ \[X\ M”ӔԑQӕS]YH[\X[H[Y]H[B\X[HZ[Y\X\X]]KX[ [[\ˈ\[\\ܚۈY[]ܚ][H[\YHZ\\X[[\]X[Y\˜H\X[H[YX[\^H[K܈Hۜ[][ۋ[ LKMLMK