August 2017 Magazines 89052 - Page 55

Meet the Neighbor By Callie Thomas chapter, and many dedicated chefs and community deal. As locals, we can’t help but be volunteers and organizations in Nevada. The impressed with the long list of chefs, includ- group’s cornerstone program is “Cooking up ing Giada, Bobby, Guy and Emeril, just to name a Breakfast,” where different hotels, restaurants and few, that have made our town their home with food purveyors create breakfasts and feed at-risk restaurants along the Strip. Chef Richard Cino Jr. elementary school children in fourteen Chefs for made food his career in Las Vegas more than 35 Kids schools. years ago and never looked back. Since then he was Cooperative Extension (UNCE) provides nutrition named Chef of the Year by the American Culinary educators who work with the students teaching Federation for his work with the organization’s about good nutrition and physical activity. The Chefs for Kids program. “I was working my way program is geared to second and third graders, and through school by cooking in Buffalo, New York by using age-appropriate techniques, fruit and veg- and really liked it,” says Cino. “I switched from etable tastings and bilingual materials, nutrition architecture studies to get an Associate’s Degree in educators motivate students to make healthful Food Service Administration, then came to Vegas food and physical activity choices. Cino is on the to get my Bachelor’s Degree from UNLV and fell in board and is currently holding the treasurer’s posi- love with the city and the warm weather.” tion. “The kids are encouraged to participate by The University of Nevada seeing, touching and tasting new foods. At one of Cino got his first job as Executive Chef at Gianni the breakfasts that I hosted we prepared fresh fruit Russo’s State Street Supper Club and discovered which was garnished with whole strawberries. One the dazzling effects of the city. “Like some of the of the children held one of the strawberries and late night dinner spots, we had the opportunity to asked me, what is this? My heart just melted on the cook for many of the Strip headliners…Ann spot so I gathered up six of them to let the young Margret, Rich Little, Don Rickles, Frank Sinatra, girl enjoy a new healthy fruit.” L ET’S FACE IT, FOOD IN LAS VEGAS IS A BIG Linda Carter, Julio Iglesias…the list is too long to mention. I was star struck.” Cino was hired by Chef Christopher Johns at the Sands Hotel in 1986 and caught the tail end of the “old Vegas Strip.” “It was a lot of long hours and hard work, but also a lot of fun. That’s where I was introduced to the American Culinary Foundation (ACF) and our local chapter whose major charity is Chefs for Kids.” tion and hunger in children through education and he’s not lending a hand at Chefs for Kids he’s spend- ing time with his family–“his reason for living”–and building upon his ever-growing passion for running by completing his first half marathon (13 miles) last December at the Rock and Roll Marathon on the Strip. “Knowing that I was able to mentor and promote peo RFBfR76ƖPRFRfB6W'f6RGW7G'2vB2&VV6&Wv&FrfR&VV&W76VBגƖfR&WGvVVv&VW72FWFVƗfW"&w&2F&VvFRגf֖ǒגVFBג6&VW"gVǒ&VƖWfP7W'BbFRVfW'6GbWfF&VVrFRFffW&V6RV^( 2ƗfW2@6W&FfRWFV6d26Vg22fVv22f'GVFR2ג֖R( )x`VwW7B6WFV&W"#p6Vg2f"G22FVF6FVBFWfFrWG&Ф62&VBb266Ɨ6VG2BvVS