August 2017 Magazines 89012 - Page 62

08 August 8.1-6 – “Folk Tales from Around the World” Theatre in the Valley, 10 W. Pacific Ave. Explore folklore and storytelling from Norway, Romania and Greece brought to you by Henderson’s premier theater company. Visit for tickets and info. 8.1-27 – Las Vegas 51s Games Cashman Field, 850 N. Las Vegas Blvd. Come out to the field for some exciting baseball action as Las Vegas’ own 51s take on Colorado Springs (8.1), Oklahoma City (8.3-6), Reno (8.7-10 & 8.24-27) and Salt Lake (8.19-22). Visit for tickets and schedule info. 8.1-31 – HELP20 Bottled Water Campaign Whole Foods Citywide Whole Foods stores will serve as drop off points for HELP of Southern Nevada’s annual HELP20 Water Drive. Purchase bottled water onsite or elsewhere and drop off at a participating Whole Foods to help HSN protect homeless individuals from the dangers of summer heat. Visit for drop off locations. 8.1-31 – Rainforest Adventure! Las Vegas Natural History Museum, 900 Las Vegas Blvd. N. Swing like a Spider monkey, discover a rodent that weighs over a hundred pounds, and learn about a beetle that can carry over 850 times its own weight while exploring one of the least known habitats on X\[B[H[\X]HX^H^X] \]˛Kܙ܈[˂ 8$\Y^H۝ۈ\Y\\\X[۝ۈ\Y\\[[\ [H[\H[Z[H[H[X]X\^X]]\X[^[[[H][]\YB[\[۝H][[۝ۈ\Y\ˈ\]˙\Y^[\ݙY\˘H܈[ܙH[ܛX][ۋ  LH8$]8&&H[]KR[[ݚYHY•]8&&H[\Y\ MHˈܝ\XH \H^H]]] ۉ[HY]H[ݚY\H]ܙX][ݚY\[H][[\H\˜]H]H܈[\H\[ۈHXZ\\]˝][\ݙY\˘H܈[ܙB[ܛX][ۋ LNH8$][]HZ][\HZ][\ ͌H[\۞H\]K[]\[Y\[Hۈ[[][[]\X\XY][[X\[Y\“[۝H[^[\[[ܙK\]˝\Z][\H܈[˂ H8$\[ޘHX\X[[Z[\]X]X\^ [\ۈ][KQ[[\[]^H[[YHXH]YX\]H[Z[KYܝ\[X][ۈX]\[XۘX[Y\˜[]\Xˈ[Hۘ][ۈو\Y\܈HY \YYY[܈YHYZ\[ۋ\]˘][ٚ[\ۋH܈[˂ H8$X\HYH[HܘY [܈Z\\[\HX\K ˈܙY[[^HKY[و[\ۈX\Y\\[][]HܘY[[܈Z\X]\[[ܘY[\Y\[\K[]˚[\ۛX\Y\˘K K L NH 8$Z\YH]\XŽ KLL MLNH L[۝[Y[YHZH\Y\ MHHHY¸$\\[[Y\X]B[H[\Z[Y[]H]\Y][HYY][]Y[]\H]\^B\[X[وHX[B][[H[H[]܈Z\[[HH]\Xˈ[\[HHY\^[[[Z[[ Y^H MNK[KYZ\[ۈ\QHH\]˛Z[\ݙY\][˘H܈[˂YHX[[ۙ 8$[[]H\]HN[[Y\Y[H[] [YHY[“ܛX[\[K L ˈX[H]K[H\]\X[[H]Y\[[\\ۙY\\]][]YY[\XܛH[H[XZ[HۙK[YۛH[\Y\[[]]YHوH\[H[\^[ܚ]\ZYY[H\[\\XYH\œ\ܛX[\^]Z\]H[Y\[[H^][Y[وH]ˈ\][[X]\X]\X[\ܚ\˛ܛX[\[KH܈X]˂X]HXYۚYۈ]Z^H[ 8$[H[HݙB\]Z\K[[K\]YX[ۈ^HZH\Y\˜\\[[Y\X]Kܙ•\[X[XX\HXٙ]H[H]\XYHH]Hۘ\B܈[˂\ۈH][YKH]\X[[[]\ܝ[]\ܘY[[]8&\HܙX]^H]܈HH[Z[K\]˛Z[\ݙY\˘H܈]Z[˂ LLH8$[[Y\[[܈[[\ZH\Y\‘ܙX]]\[X[HZ[[ܝ[]Y\]Z]Y[Y\ LLN]\YZ[ۙ[[\ٙ\YHZH\Y\[X\]˛˛ܙ܈Y\][ۈ[[˂ L8$[[Y\][[[ܙY[[^HX\K MܙY[[^HK\\[\]ܚ]H[\[H܈ۚY[[[\[܈܈H[[Y\][[[\]B]X[ܞ][[[HX][Y\[ܛۋ[XZ[ˈY\ LL Y\\ۛ[H]˚[\ۛX\Y\˘K