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for it, the bookstore decides to turn the book cover out to allow their customers to find the book more easily. They expect that their customers are there to specifically find that book, which is why they make it easy for them to find it. First page placement on Google is exactly the same thing. When a person conducts a search query, Google serves up websites that they believe will be popular and relevant to that person. They determine popularity and relevancy based on how many other websites are talking about it (on- line reviews, directories, community resources, articles, etc.). The more links exist from other websites to yours, the more popular your website will be with Google. The building of these links from other websites to yours is considered one of the more influential factors in Off-Site SEO. The reason SEO investments are the way they are is because you are essentially paying a person to try and build relationships with online communities in an attempt to gain credible links on their website – a feat that is not easy at all. Think about your website – how many links do you have for other companies? Probably not many. 5 other factors in SEO that need to be mentioned are just as important, and easier to explain. Ensure your practice name, address and phone number are accurate everywhere online Your website should contain unique content – do NOT license content from a 3rd party content provider Create a positive user experience for your website visitors – make it easy for them to navigate between pages and ensure your website loads quickly Your website MUST be mobile friendly. If it isn’t, investing in SEO is a worthless endeavour Claim your Google My Business listing and populate content. Ensure your hours of operation are accurate and you have your services, products and brands all listed. Why Invest in SEO? There is no other way to say this, but SEO is an investment with non-guaranteed results. Google continually changes their algorithms in an attempt to better recognize the best results for their users. With each algorithmic update, comes change in rankings. The changes can sometimes help your website and sometimes it will hurt. SEO can be a very long process and you may never achieve the results you expect. So why take on the investment at all? The answer is very simple. Websites that achieve top of page one placement for several relevant keywords will witness a huge difference in their business, almost imme- diately. The prevalence of Google Search in Canada is incredible, with most Canadians conducting a Google search to find everything they need to know. Gone are the days of Yellow Pages being the most popular way to find a business… gone are the days of relying on word-of-mouth… and gone are the days of location being the end-all-be-all of your marketing strategy. Consumers are searching online for you and when they find you, they choose you. Plain and simple. When your site reaches top of page one, you will start to earn additional website traffic that you never even knew existed. This additional traffic means additional people who are your potential customers. They are in the buying cycle of purchasing a service, product or brand that you provide. When they visit your site, you become an option (an option you weren’t before). Naturally, this leads to more new patients. Over time, you can build an entirely new base of patients and these patients will increase your revenue, profitability and viability.