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-1- Your website needs to be indexed properly, similar to a book at a book store. Most websites are built with the title of their site being named as their busi- ness name. For example, your website might be named ABC Optical or worse yet, by your actual name, Dr. David Jones OD. The problem with your web- site being named as your business is that Google only knows to index it by your name, and not by what you do where you do it. If you were searching for a healthy eating cook- book, you would probably go to the Cooking section of the bookstore and not the Biography section and look up Jaime Oliver. By re-writing some of the simple code on your website, you can tell Google what you do and where you do it, rather than just who you are. This is known as On-Site SEO. What is SEO? I like to use analogies when explaining digital marketing. To me, the best comparison I’ve found for Sear 6VvPG6ǒfB&涖w2b7BvV'6FW26&6W@6RFWRFW6R6FR6vW2FW6R6vW06VFR7&VFrFFRf"W"vV'6FRFWG&7@WRF7F"F&FF&BFVV7W&pR7&VFRVFƖW2V6vRFB&R7V6f6ǐ7&VFVBFvƖvBW6W'f6W2&GV7G2B'&G0FBRffW"F&FWRW2bRfPF2W"vV'6FRBR6VBG'֖pFV&VFFvBR&fFRf"WRbR&R6vr"bFR7FRg&W2৖W"vV'6FRRFRvRFR7FRvV( 0g&W2F&FvV6VR26V&6rf F2&GV7BƖRFW&R2vB66RW"vPv6rWFRvvRvR6V&6vR6RFW6R6FR6vW2&RFRFW"vV'6FRvvRvFWRFffW&VFǒBr6RPFR&vB( 6V7F( R֖vB6rWvRp'WB^( BV7B&R6vrWF֗F2F6&RB"ЧF&7F&RvRW"rFBW"6FR2&Vr&VB6WvW&RN( 0FRFBrF7&V6RG>( 6FFP&2WN( 2&VfW"&6FFR&7F&RWRF&6FFR7BFRRf6FVB&7F&RF&WBFR&6VfW2Br7B&0&Rf6r7RWBvF&7F&W266RFGW&6R&26fW"WC'fW6ǒFW6R&06V&R6W2'WB&VǒF&WBvFW66RFV7V6f6ǒvV'6FR2&FB^( &Pr266VBFR&7F&R'WBFW&R&R6P7FW2VBbRFP7W&RFBV2&2&V6RV"vVFW&RFƶVB&W@WFW&ǒ( 2&6V'2&WfWw2fW2WF26P&2&Vr&FVBBVR7F'BpURd5U2VwW7BFvF#r#p