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THESE EDUCATION TOOLS INCLUDE: 1- Interactive Education Brochure. Available for both optometrists and eyecare staff, the Interactive Education Brochure helps attendees quickly and easily find the classes that matter most. Search keywords, create bookmarks, and read course descrip- tions all in one convenient location. 2- Digital Education Concierge. Whether they’re looking for a specific course, area of interest, speaker or product, Interna- tional Vision Expo’s new Digital Education Concierge connects attendees with a Vision Expo specialist to select the best education options based on individual needs, quickly navigate the registration process, and efficiently plan a schedule for the show. Attendees can access this new tool from the top-left corner of the Interactive Education Brochure. 3- Education Highlights. Attendees can now customize the continuing education information that they receive from the very beginning, with the new Education Highlights section of introducing the latest education offerings for every job function and title. “International Vision Expo provides the industry’s most comprehensive education program, just steps away from the most expansive showcase of eyewear and eyecare products in the Americas,” said Mitch Barkley, The Vision Council’s vice-president of trade shows. “As we continue to grow the education offerings that ѕ́ɕ䁽ݔ܁ѡЁ٥ՅݥѼѡ)ᅍЁ͕́ѼЁѡȁϊQѡȁ͍ձQ͔ѽ́܁́Ѽɽ٥ѡ)ՍѥɽɅ̰፥ѥѹ̰͡ѡЁݥɕѱ䁉Ёȁѕ́)ɽ٥ѡՍѥѡЁѡ䁹t)Q́啅ˊéٕахЁѡḾ ٕѥ ѕȁ1́Y̰9XՍѥ)MиϊLᡥѥMЀӊLؤݥɥѽѡȁ͡ݍ͔ͥȁݕȁ̰͡)ѡѕЁمѥՍѥɕ͕ѕɕѥ́ɕ́ѡѕ)ѽ̃L)QɕѕȁȁYͥ]а٥ͥЁܹYͥ]й܁Yͥ)Qݥѕȁ%хɅ)e= UL՝Ёх܀