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VISION WITHOUT ANTI-REFLECTIVE COATING VISION WITH ANTI-REFLECTIVE COATING HOYA VISION CANADA ZEISS VISION The HOYA SUPER HI VISION EX3 combines new and unrivalled materials for extreme scratch resistance, reflection protection and clean vision. Zeiss Lens Coatings allow for crystal-clear vision in any weather, repel dirt and simplifies lens maintenance. The technique can also enhance the cosmetic appearance of glasses. “Better than glass,” HOYA says the benefits of even the best anti-reflection coating can be ruined by scratches, which can be both a source of constant annoyance, but can also reduce contrast and sharpness of vision. The company says lenses that do not have anti-reflective coating come with a fundamental disadvantage, as they produce clearly visible light reflections that can cause vision problems. It could be from light reflections that are disruptive on wet roads or while driving in the dark, or in face-to-face conversations when people you are talking with see their own mirror images in your glasses instead of your eyes. The lens manufacturer is both matching and surpassing the scratch resistance of a glass lens, while maintaining the convenience and light- weight properties of a plastic lens. This both allows consumers to protects their investment and increases the lifespan of a lens. In terms of reflection protection, the SUPER HI VISION EX3 “ensures the highest level of light transmis- sion, providing more comfortable vision and elegant looks.” The glare-free lenses reduce eye fatigue, minimize reflection with less than .5 per cent light reflec- tance on the lens surface and allow patients to make vision easier on the eyes. The SUPER HI VISION EX3 is also water and dirt repellent and easy to clean, reducing the chance of scratches. The oleophobic lenses prevent fingerprints and smudges from sticking, while the hydrophobic surface allows water to just slides off, preventing drops from settling on the lens surface. 20 EYE FOCUS | August Digital 2017 The advantage of anti-reflective coating facilitates trans- parent, clear vision and undisturbed perception, making eyeglasses more attractive and providing a clear view of the eyeglass wearer’s eyes. The grades of anti-reflective coating are basically "simple," "medium," and "super," and can be combined into various upgrade packages, available in plastic or glass. Zeiss' DuraVision Platinum has super anti-reflective coating, is hardened with nanoparticles and features a revolutionary pearl-off effect thanks to the extremely smooth Clean Coat. Virtually all upgrades are combined into one practical coating with ZEISS premium high-tech systems, leaving nothing to be desired. Clean Coat polishes the surface of the lens and prevents dirt and dust from adhering tightly and conse- quently makes lens maintenance considerably easier. The coating is completely invisible and water rolls off, and dirt is easily detectable versus uncoated lenses.