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CENTENNIAL OPTICAL In addition to factory-coated stock single-vision lenses, Centennial Optical offers a wide selection of AR coatings on semi-finished and digitally customized lenses. These include CHC AR Ultra UV, CHiC AR UV (for high-index), CHC AR Bocker UV (anti-blue light), UTMC 3, Carat Advantage and Kodak Clean&CleAR super hydrophobic AR coatings. With ordinary lenses, approxi- mately 10 per cent of light is reflected away and doesn’t reach the eyes. More reflections and less light mean poor vision. With KODAK Clean&CleAR UV Lens Coating, approximately 99 percent of available light reach- es the eyes, providing clear and crisp vision. Through the Centennial Lab Pak program, customers can also get premium Nikon lenses, edged and mounted in Centennial designer and house brand frames, with a range of Nikon AR coatings. The Nikon coatings, exclusively available on Nikon lenses in Centennial frames, include HCC, ICE, SeeCoat Plus UV, SeeCoat Blue UV, SeeCoat Blue Premium and SeeCoat Bright. C an ad ian C e rti fi e d O ptO me t r iC ass i s ta nt ( CCOa ) prOg r a m The staff you’ve always wanted already work for you. Invest in your staff – improve your practice. Our new and improved Canadian Certified Optometric Assistant (CCOA) online distance education program gives optometric assistants the skills and knowledge they need to contribute to a thriving optometric practice. New session begins September 15. earlybird registration July 5 - august 18 $1500 Registration August 21 - September 9 $1875 Learn more at