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Photo used with permission from Essilor Canada-July 2017 ESSILOR For a quarter-century, Essilor's Crizal coatings have provided a standard for anti-reflective lens coatings. With the launch of Crizal in 1992, Essilor intro- duced a new standard in clear vision through its advanced anti-reflective, anti-scratch and anti-smudge technologies. Over the years, Crizal has continued to lead the way to ensure the clearest vision possible with better protection, for example adding filters against UV and harmful blue-violet light. Today, Crizal is the undisputed market leader for anti-reflective coating; a lens with a Crizal coating is sold every second, worldwide. Essilor says a Crizal coating offers the most comprehensive UV protection on the market, as most lenses protect from UV rays coming from the front. However 50 per cent of the UV rays that reach the eyes are reflected from the back side of the lens. Crizal are different as they virtually eliminate UV rays reflected into the eyes from the back side of the lens for long-term eye health. Clear lenses in Airwear and higher index materials, with a Crizal coating, provide a protection factor of at least E-SPF 25. In addition, its E-SPF 50 index for UV protection (except on Orma E-SPF 10), the Crizal Prevencia coating provides a breakthrough selective light filter AR technology that filters harmful blue-violet light while letting blue-turquoise light pass through, maintaining its beneficial effects for vision and overall well-being. The Crizal Sun family of coatings has been developed to provide extra UV pro- tection on sun lenses and offers some very fashionable options such as Crizal Mirrors Sun UV, all with a E-SPF 50+ index (except on Orma E-SPF 10). EYE FOCUS | August Digital 2017 17