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CENTENNIAL OPTICAL Centennial Optical offers a full range of Transitions adaptive lenses in finished, semi-finished and digi- tally customized lens options. These include stock lenses in Transitions Signature VII grey, brown and graphite green, as well as Transitions XTRActive grey and brown. PLASTIC PLUS The Plastic Plus UV 420 Clear technology uses pho- tochromic dye dispersed within the lens to block light by absorbing it. The lens blocks 400-420 nm of high-energy visible light in addition to UVA and UVB. The new technol- ogy offers patients better protection in the 400-420 range, where most eye damage occurs, according to Plastic Plus. The design of Plastic Plus' lens sees protection in the monomer by absorbing blue light, as opposed to a coating which simply reflects it. This allows the company to offer a product without an unflattering residual colour and “substantially better protection in a more aesthetically pleasing lens.” The lenses also have UV-blocking performance and last longer (because scratches to the surface do not de- grade their function). UV 420 is available in Poly 1.60, 1.67 lens materials and in clear single vision and all free form progres- sives (No Transitions or Polarized). “Transitions Signature, XTRActive, Vantage and Drivewear lenses are available in a variety of lens materials in semi-finished lenses and in a wide se- lection of digitally customized lenses,” says Centen- nial Optical's Rick Leroux. “In addition to Transitions lenses, Centennial is pleased to offer both PhotoViews from Signet- Armorlite and their house brand Centoptic Sun- Changers lenses.” PhotoViews grey and brown photochromic lenses are available in 1.50 index and polycarbonate in single-vision, bifocals and both conventional and digitally customized progressive lens designs. Centoptic SunChangers grey and brown photochro- mic lenses are available in 1.56, polycarbonate and 1.60 index single-vision, bifocals and both conven- tional and digitally customized progressive lens de- signs. Centoptic SunChangers lenses provide rapid photochromic activation and fade back, going from clear indoors to darken to 70 per cent tint within sixty seconds, delivering excellent performance at a value price. Proudly Supporting Independent CANADIAN EYE CARE PROFESSIONALS with buying group benefi ts since 1988 Ad_1.indd 1 1.800.263.0010 17-05-31 9:40 AM