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VISION EASE Vision Ease's high-performance photochromic line has expanded with two multifocal lens designs the company says deliver on its “no-compromise photochromic philosophy.” With the goal of improving consumers’ multifocal lens options, Vision Ease introduced the D35 bifocal and 7x28 trifocal lenses in June, which enhanced indoor and outdoor vision with faster fadeback and activation. “Today’s consumers are savvier than ever. They do their home- work. They shop and compare. They know what they want,” Vision Ease says. “When shopping for photochromic lenses, they’re looking for a product that delivers performance. And, they’re more than willing to look past national brands if there is a better choice.” Available in grey, the new lenses meet the superior perfor- mance standard expected by consumers. Indoors, the company says they are 2.5 per cent clearer than the national brand, offer 44 per cent faster fadeback and block 43 per cent of blue light. As the wearer moves outdoors, the lenses offer 27 per cent faster activation, are 7.3 per cent darker and block 91 per cent of outdoor blue light. With the launch of its photochromic line in 2016, Vision Ease introduced a no-compromise family of lenses. Additional Vision Ease photochromic lenses include SFSV, D28 bifocal and Novel progressive designs. 10 EYE FOCUS | August Digital 2017