Soltalk 2018 August 2017 - Page 59

Essential Info Friday of the month. TOgS (TORROx gOLF SOCiETY) or email: Would you like a game of friendly but NERjA iNTERNATiONAL CAMERA CLUB competitive golf every Sunday morning? TOGS LOS ROMANES BRANCH (possibly the friendliest Society on the Costa) We meet in Bar Atila, Puente Don Manuel, every Love Photography? Beginner or Professional? DSLR or Compact? Yes to any of these then join us at Club Internacional De Nerja’s premises, c/ San Juan 42, Nerja. We meet twice a month starting on the second Wednesday of every month. Contact us on:, NERjA pHiLOSOpHiCAL gROUp Closed for summer break. Further information from Tom Bryson 699 170 931 or NERjA pLAYERS If you have an interest in theatre and the performing arts join this group who regularly perform rehearsed readings of plays and other material. The Nerja Players meet on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month from October to April at 6.45pm in the Bridge Club premises at the top of Avda Castilla Perez 1, Nerja (the large blue double doors). For enquiries email, follow us on Facebook @The Nerja Players or see our web page: THE pHOENix CLUB Phoenix Social Club is open to all nationalities. It is a non-political and secular organisation. We offer an opportunity to make lasting friendships, to help each other and share information but primarily to have fun. You don’t have to be a play every Sunday morning at Baviera and welcome new members. Our society is made up of males and females, various nationalities and Royal British Legion Tuesday. “We are a small branch with a big heart”. You don’t have to have been an ex- mixed abilities. For information email George member of the armed forces to join. Our aim is Clay at or call 625 to have some fun, quizzes, bingo, beetle? whilst 936 814. making money for the RBL Poppy Appeal. TRApiCHE SOCiAL CLUB The Trapiche Social Club meets every Wednesday at 12 noon until 2pm at the Trapiche Interested? then please contact the Branch Secretary Joyce on 692 551 385. Restaurant, just off the A356 Vélez-Málaga to La NERjA BRANCH Viñuela. The restaurant/bar has ample parking The Branch holds lunch meetings at the Hotel Al and is an ideal place to meet friends. Our weekly Andalus, Maro, on the third Thursday of each Weds meeting is an ideal place to meet and make new friends. The first Weds of the month is our regular lunch meeting when we enjoy a three course lunch for just €8.50. month. Also at Pena Parda Hotel, La Herradura on the 1st Friday of each month. Non-members are always vV6R&r2W76VFf"S4T$4RFW26F7BfW&R#bs#Bf FRVfW'6GbFRF&BvRS4VV&F6F7BFRRc2#sBf &6RW6W2FRvVFvRB62bG2gW'FW"f&FFR'&6V6PV&W'2F&fFRf&WGbV&r@VVBw&W2w&W2VWB&VwV&ǒFV&BW6vRFV2g&VFǒ@6F7BFfRcSBR"f6BW"vV'6FP&&W&v&G&W726ЦV&RvBf&W26F2vRFR'BD%$RDT"%$4FV&Fr6vrVW2vƶrv&FVrVWG2WfW'vVFW6F&WGvVV"'BFPFw&WFVRB&Rb^( BƖRfVv&W7FW&BWBFW&6FFr&R"fR62BvVFvRR7WW&&WBf"&Rf&F6cc2cSvVBƖRF6&RV6R6F7BW2r@wwrS6V&6Rv&G&W726ЦV&W"FW"G&2vRVWBWfW''&FvR6V'0GVW6Fg&"F"fVv&"44t%&FtRB45E$3SB"vFwwr&&F'&VFV"&rV"R&&FFF6ХVvG0F'&RFV"6vScrs#2&RWfW'GVW6FV"&VB"3g&6^( 2WfW'Fg&֗6c#b3scR"V'FW"VVFVB6F7BFB''6R#S"V旇666V$6V"( 23#3r"cs36"FWB2֗&FR6'&W&wwrV旇666V"6VrbT%E2%&FtR4T"4T5TGWƖ6FR'&FvRVCFW'2Bg&F>(*W"W'666&W2bFR6626V7VFR6&G6BbFRfR7BfVƒ&W7FW&B27&7FCBW&VFb֖֒6R&FRv&BW&6BfVFF6R&Vf7Fb&WGvVV6rSR#S"C#rbRVVB6FRffV6FV&F"BFVffV6vR&R'FW"6F7BWf"֗BcR#s2c"rf"WvVW'vF6W2BEdG2RU%$EU$%&FtR4T"vW"W6RV6B3GWƖ6FR'&FvRWfW'GVW6FB23B$%U2bdTWt22FV26V"f6Fr'2&'W2VWG2V66V6BBfW'FvV6R6F7BcrS3B3C""2F֖;6W&wwr'&FvWvV'26W'&GW&G&B6W76WfW'FW'6Fg&3GVW6FbFRFF&VvWBFRV"V&W'2VWBf"V6BVG&6P&W7FW&BG&6RB'B&ǒfPwVW7B7VW"FRf'7BVWFrbFPFV&W'62VF&fW76&WF&VBvVFVVƗfrFR&VV6PVâF֖&'W7fVWv6 RcrCRc2DD%$F'&FW&FVwVRvV@vV6RFF2b6Fr'&2'&0BgW&GW&Rf"FV"6fVFVf&BFR66FRW&6FF'&67F6F7BƖFc#"cS"rF'&vP6V7FDU"DR֕5D@U&%&FtR4T GFW'2&"VWfW'GVW6Fr3f"ƗfRW60%U4U%2$ 6VR&&BWG6FRf"FWF2bFW"vG2W&'&FvR6V"G2GWƖ6FR'&FvP6W762f"V&W'2Bf6F'2F0BwBvVFW6F2Bg&F2@DR4EDtP27&7FcW&R#S"SC""3'FW'26&R'&vVB'6ƖrƗfRW62WfW'FW'6FदR#S"Ss"S"S#bC3RFR( 44$( 0fV.( 6W762f"W72WW&V6VBW'2'FW"&WV&VBFR6RF2@"3V6R6R#S"CsC2f"f&F&<;&FRWW&W&ƗfRW62WfW'vVVVBwwr66&6&6V"6ХFR6V"VWG2G2v&V֗6W2BfFfGtU$N( 2ƕdRU62$ 67FW&W&VRFV&RF'2BFR6FRb2F֖;6RbW&6fWFW&&’gW'FW"f&FB&W7VG0b6W7626&R6VVFR6V.( 2vV'6FP'&FvWvV'26W&6VR&&BWG6FR&"f"FWF2ক&4^( 02֗&FR6'&W&&6W62WfW'E%T2%&FtPFW&F6V"v6G2GWƖ6FRvVFW6FB6GW&FW&&旦66F2W&7C'FF'&FvR6W762f"V&W'2Bf6F'2FR6'&V23W&#s:vFVâR#S"F2BFW'6F2B7BFR&4'rfR#S"s"#ccRS#2CbVâFW6FV&g&VR&r6FW&FV֗7FDF6G&WrcsrcSRR"&c#bsb6VF2GvvƖvBF2BFW'6F2g&ФVFFg&Fg&RFRR2bRVVB'FW""gW'FW"f3Sp26&&VW&