Soltalk 2018 August 2017 - Page 58

BookTalk Essential Info ApARiV ANiMAL pROTECTiON SOCiETY at The Friday coffee morning will be held as usual Association for the protection of animals Rincon COSTA CAMERA CLUB NERjA from 11.00 to 13.00. de la Victoria. More Information call Stephen We are a group of people sharing an interest in Tuesday August 15 – Excursion to “Big Bang” 952 514 671 or photography and are of mixed ability and Almuñecar. Please come and join friends of ApCUN experience. For more information you can call Lux Mundi, Torre del Mar for the spectacular Asociacion de Presidentes de Comunidades de 645 053 258 or email fireworks display. You will travel by coach to Urbanizaciones Nerjeñas. The association of More details on join in the festivities in honour of the Virgen de Nerja urbanisation presidents welcomes new COSTA DEL SOL SAMARiTANS la Antigua (Virgen of the Old), which have been members. Contact Elise Anfray on 952 52 18 68. Tel: 902 88 35 35 - volunteers are on duty to celebrated continuously since 1569. On arrival AQUA AEROBiCS CLUB listen to you every weekday evening between there will be time for you to have dinner in the Meets every Saturday at the Nerja Municipal 8pm and midnight. many restaurants. During the week, different Pool, 10-11am, €12 a month. More information recreational and cultural activities have taken and bookings call Jennifer, 95 252 3599. place which culminate on the night of August 15, ASOCiACiON FOTOCLUB NERjA CREATiVE WRiTiNg gROUp when there is a procession, carrying the Virgin, C/ Diputación nº2 (Centro Giner de los Rios) Torre Del Mar, every second Tuesday. Contact 29780 Nerja. Enjoy photography with us. Mob: 600 204 021. CUDECA NERjA SUppORT gROUp to help people who are living with the difficult BUENA ViSTA pETANCA gROUp situation of cancer or other life limiting Plays at the Verano Azul, Nerja, on Monday, illnesses, or those who care for them. We meet Tuesday and Thursday mornings and on the second Thursday of each month at competitions on Friday mornings. Contacts: 11.30am in Cafeteria Cavana which is across the Nigel Wallace: 951 321 215. Nigel Kind 952 530 road from the rear of El Salvador Church in 779. David Abbott 699 210 776. Nerja. We meet in the rear Patio area. We also CANCER HELp LiNE help by telephone 952 564 910 or e-mail: Ex cancer patients providing help, advice and a listening ear for those undergoing or starting EL VALLE ASOCiACiON treatment. Tel: 95 252 9729. Meets on the first Monday of the month at 7pm CApiSTRANO ViLLAgE at the Camping Bar on the side of Lake Viñuela Situated next to the main swimming pool in Capistrano village the social salon hosts a starting from the Church of the Incarnation to the beach of San Cristobal, where many boats are waiting at sea to accompany the image to the Playa Puerta del Mar (the Sea Gate Beach). There then follows a fantastic firework display, set to music, which accentuates the beauty of the San Miguel Castle and the Holy Rock. Tickets €12 available at the Centre. Proceeds to fundraising. Departure times Viñuela (Football Pitch) 18.20, Torre del Mar (Coach Station) 18.45, Caleta (opposite Vets) 18.55, Algarrobo (Lidl) 19.00 For further information and bookings please contact the Centre, Torre del Mar Tel.952 543 334 E-mail: Please (A356). The club organises events, trips and note you are unable to make bookings through social functions, etc. For information www.el- the web site and sorry we cannot accept cards or visit us at one of the meetings. MOVE iT! TO MUSiC residents alike. Library - Open Saturdays only, FENCiNg CLUB OF NERjA A gentle, informal and fun dance fitness class 10.30am-12.30pm with a wide selection of titles Fencers of all levels - beginners welcome. held on Saturdays, 11-12 noon, annually from and talking books. Pat Taylor 95 252 4201. Contact 95 252 0003 for details. mid October to Easter, Time Sport Gym - Avda Bridge Club - Tues 2.30 - 6.00 pm. No partners FERNANDO’S FRiENDS de Pescia 21, Nerja. 5 €. For more info: 675 846 necessary. Sheila Cornelissen 95 242 4021. A new support group for people experiencing 217 / For information, call Colin Smith 95 252 8320. loss (through death / ill health / loss of self- NADFAS CLUB iNTERNACiONAL DE NERjA esteem). Including Volunteers, Nurse, We meet each second Tuesday of the month We look forward to welcoming members and Psychologist and Social Worker. The aim is to between October and May at the Casa Cultura, have a group of “friends” who will support each c/ Granada, Nerja. We have eight illustrated number of activities open to residents and non non members into our newly renovated club house, with a subsidised bar (Cava 1€) a large lending library, free wifi and a great group of people! The Club is totally run by volunteers. August - Club closed for the summer break. The Club is open Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays 11.00-14.00. Every Monday our social night is from 7.30pm. Come along for a game of darts, various games or just to meet friends. c/ San Juan 42, Nerja. Tel: 95 252 1858 during opening hours. Facebook: cidnerja. Email: CORAxALiA CHOiR Do you like singing? Would you like to join a choir? We are inviting new singers to become members of the local, long-esta \Y\\YY[Y\X[\BۙH\^H[\[[ܛX][ۋB\H[[܈[H\H[[œ\ܝ\Kˈ[H\HXHœ[[YH]Y[ۙKݚYHYœXX[[\[H\KY[H[ZH[X\H۝X^[\\P]XZ[ BMLH H܈[ؚ[H ]\ L NMMS HSTUSӐSTBQUB[Y[ NNHY]H\ݙ\ Y[X\[^\\]][ۜ]\BYZ][ܙ]K]Y\H[[ܚ\[[۝H]ܘ[YKY\\H[YH^BX\\\X\ۈ\[YH^\BHR XܙY]YQTXZ\K܂[[ۙH[\\Y[][[[[Z[H\ [\H[[ܛ\[H[H[[YHZ]\[܈\YH[ۙ›ۙHو\][\H\]܋\]ܜ[[YKX]8 L ˛\[Y\˛ܙ܂[[[ۈ  MNH܈[ܛX][ۋTHSHP[^\[YX\[OY[\\]\H\^H\[ۈؙ\ LL H\[[]YX[Z][ۋ\X\[HHHK[]ZX\[]K[\\\[Y Y\[]\ˈX\H\]˙[K[ M[YHHX\ܜXH]^\Y[Y H M܈[XZ[Y[X\\[Hٙ\[ۘ[XX\ˈY]\XH][YH X\܈[ܙH]Z[ˈXH][ۈ[[Y]\JH\K ]›][ۘ[]Y\\\\K\ܛX[\[UHQQSQSY][\]\H\^H] KBۘ\X[][XH\[]ˈH]HYY[Y[ܛ\X\HܚXH]]H\ۜ[[\YYX]H\\[ZX\[\^\ Mˌ8$̌ [H\H[\K܈ܛ[[\ۈY]X\ˈ܈H K LH[\X\H܈[ܙB[\HۈHXZ[M̌ HY]p]Y[H[ܙH[[Yۈ L LH LMH܈[XZ[[ܛX][ۈ[\X[[Y\[HۈMB[YK[HوYH\[]KYH]]YY[Y[XZ[ H L NNH܈[XZ[\Z[[PXZ[ ˝Z˂[ۙHZX\[[X\\[XYHY^USKԔHSPTTHTԖHԓ\[x&YZH[\H܈[ܙH[ܛX][ۈ[^][HX[Y[X[[KܜH[X\\H\ܞHܛ\\܈[[ۙH[\\Y[H LH[\ ͎H LLH L[\ ]K[][ x'Rx'K \[\pXHX[0YK[\\ܞKH]HX\\[\HSSPSQUH HT[YXH\HHHpXJKܜH[X\XX[۝ H\HوZ^Y][ۘ[]Y\[[] \YX\T[\YH[[ ML M X˛^ [][KܙX\\\HۙXY[[\ H[ZYHX\Y X[ۙY܈Y[\]Y\][\[\8&[\X\X[X]]\&H[B[[X[[\KX\ˈ܈[ܙH[ܛX][ۈX\HH]\[]Y\H[[Y[K[۝HX[]\[ˈYY][ž[H[[[\HۈML LM HT[Y\]H[H[HY\^H[Y^H\H[]H[\[[Kܘ[YK\]Hۈ H M L ܈\]\X]H[ܛ[ۛHH L  Lˌ \K LX[KL\H\ \X[HۈH\ܘ[ܘ^[XH[\HXY\\و]\X[”]KܙX] Y[H][\K[M