Soltalk 2018 August 2017 - Page 49

BookTalk stop at nothing to keep their crimes against humanity hidden. Sport. He is the only Italian journalist with a casting vote for the prestigious Balon d’Or award. The Gurugu Pledge (l), by the Equatorial Guinea novelist Juan Tomás Ávila Laurel, meanwhile brings a welcome African perspective to this major issue of modern European and African politics and economics. Cleverly, his book focuses on the build-up, games, and aftermath of the titanic clashes in April 2011, when Barcelona and Real Madrid faced each other four times in just 18 days: twice in the UEFA Champions League semi-finals, once in Spain’s La Liga, and again in the country’s Copa del Rey. It was an incendiary period that defined an era for one of football’s most intense rivalries, as tension rose to levels arguably as high as have ever been experienced on a football pitch in the twenty-first century. On Monte Gurugú, a mountain overlooking the Spanish enclave of Melilla on the North African coast, desperate migrants gather before attempting to scale the city’s walls and gain asylum on European soil. Inspired by first-hand accounts, Ávila Laurel has written an urgent, funny and sad novel which has now been translated into English from the original Spanish. The latest cookery book to catch our eye provides an antidote to the usual carnivorous spreads at summer barbecues on the Costa. In Vegan BBQ (l), Nadine Horn presents more than 80 mouth-watering recipes. Just some of the delights to drool over are quinoa and chickpea burgers, celeriac steaks, courgette parcels, stuffed peppers, grilled onions with romesco sauce, crispy potato skins with guacamole, braised radishes in black pepper butter, as well as breads, dips, pickles salads and salsas. Soccer fans take note. The Duellists: Pep, Jose And The Birth Of Football’s Greatest Rivalry (l), is Paolo Condo’s take on the rivalry between two of the most celebrated European football managers of modern times: Pep Guardiola (Barcelona, Manchester City) and José Mourinho (Chelsea, Inter Milan, Real Madrid, Manchester United). Condo is a reporter and commentator for Sky Italia television, and a European football correspondent for Italy’s La Gazzetta dello Key: (l) hardback or large paperback (p) small paperback 47