Soltalk 2018 August 2017 - Page 34

News Longer waits The average waiting time for an operation in Spain’s National Health Service had reached 116 days by last December, up from its previous level of 89 days. The Health Ministry said last month that the 614,000 patients awaiting surgery was an increase of 11% in 12 months. For the first time, the statistics include data from Cataluña where waiting times averaged 173 days, Court date The investigation into the roles of two former Andalucían presidents in a huge alleged regional fraud will come to court on December 13. Manuel Chaves and José Antonio Griñán are both accused of involvement in the discretionary and arbitrary spending of €855 million allocated to help small businesses between 2000 and 2011. The prosecutor has call for jail terms of ten and 30 years respectively. Police murder An off-duty local police officer in Jaén shot dead a man and then committed suicide last month. The incident happened during a party at the man’s bar in Valdepeñas with a third person injured in the crossfire and taken to hospital. The 54-year-old officer is reported to have had some sort of quarrel with his victim. Soccer tragedy A 12-year-old boy died last month while playing football in the Sevilla town of Gines. He was playing in goal and fell to the ground after stopping a penalty when the ball hit his chest. The youngster was revived at the scene and rushed to the Hospital Virgen del Rocío in Sevilla where he died 50 minutes after being admitted. Domestic violence National Police in Sevilla have detained a man suspected of murdering his wife last month before fleeing from their home. The victim was taken to hospital with serious knife injuries from which she later died. His cousin who witnessed the attack and raised the alarm was also injured but was stabilised at the scene. Heart attack A 66-year-old man died in La Cala del Moral last month after suffering a heart attack while driving. He was in the car with his wife when he became ill, lost control of the vehicle and drove into the back of a delivery van in avenida de Málaga. The incident caused major hold-ups to east-bound traffic through the town. More deaths than births in 2016 For the second consecutive year, Spain recorded more deaths than births during 2016. Last month’s figures from the National Statistics Institute (INE) show 408,384 babies were born last year, a drop of 2.8 per cent on 2015, while 409,099 citizens died, 3.2 per cent fewer. The figures ar HZ[[\]Y\˜ۜY][ۈوH[[ܘ\Xܚ\\š[XZ[\[H[][]\HSH^\HYHX\B\][ܜH[]\Z[[˜X[] MHوHYX\&\\\H[\][XY [Bݙ\ N\[و M&\\\B[\وH][ۘ[]H\[[\ H[[H\]H\™][[ܙH[X]X[ۜY\Y[[\ܚX[۝^[H  [H ^YX\Xܙو LNK NBXY\\HܛH[X[[\™[[ K\[ H]\YHYH]XH[\\\\[\›\[ ̈YX\[Y[\Y[XYH[\ۂ]\YHYHYX\]\[Y[H\[Y\ˈH]\YB[\X[\ K[[]H]\YH[Z[H܈ۋT[\[\\\[H K K˜[[ۛH \\HXܙY܈]\H K وH[][ۋ[HSHY]H\قY[و[ XX\[YH Y[Y\ŒMH HYX\H\۝[YYBX[HX\Y[ H[[ L Z[[ۋYH^X[H[Z[]\Y\Ž ˌYX\8$ YX\܈Y[[ KHYX\܈Y[8$YX[[]H\و[HXZ][œ[[ۜ۝[Y\[ܙX\K[BYX\\X[X\[[XXH\›ۙHوH[Y[ۜوZ[XXܙY]\\[X]X[HY]]H\[ۈB[][ۈوK R[X\Y܈ٙ\^]YXB]Z[&\[X\Y܈Z[[[ۂX[^K\[p[YH\[۝›ٙ\X\\[HR\Y[ۂH]YHوH^]YX][ۜ˂\X[^H[Y]]H]\[Xܘ]HYX]HHUK›X]H]\KHYY]\˜[H[ܚXXYܙY[Y[X[8'Z[[Z\HB[\\]\X[Y[8'H\[\]Z[]Z[HZY [HUHHHX\[B'\\[X\x'H[\KۈH]\HوR\Y[[Z[\X[^H\ܝYH]\ݙ\Y[8&\[ٙ\\Y[BYUH][ۘ[Y]Y܈]HYX\[HR[^XYHUHٙ\H[Z[\X\[X[ Y\[X[[\[KBۙ\YY]H8 HZ[[ۈZY[X[HZ[[\XوX[\H܈R^ \][H]Z[Y [ۈYX][ۋHZY 8'H[HHܙ\8'HY[\[YH[]Z[8'X]\HH\Œ̂۝[YH]X[[ 'BH[X\܈^[Yۈ\\XوH^]YX][ۜ^Z[[]^H[H\Y\[YH[Y\Έ\[\X\]B[[KHZ\YH[][ۜ\]Y[Z[[]Z[ܙX\[˜HܙX]]\Hوܚ[]\[Y[[[HX[X][HR&\ۙ\ܞH\BXZ[\Hو\\\][BH[ ܛۙ”Z[&\[YHZ[\\X\X[ZB^\\\HX^x&\[܈UB][ۘ[][[HRY\^] 'Y&][ܛۙ][]B[Y]\'HHYY 8'B[YHH[ܚ]HZ[][HYو]^[˸'H]\B]Y\[ۙYHYوX[B\[H\[YܙH^H[]X[YH܈\Y[H[Z\ۜ\]Y[[Y][\X^x&\œY]K^YX\[K