Soltalk 2018 August 2017 - Page 26

Jottings News from the UK and around the World . . . the wild, the wacky, the wonderful, the weird and the downright infuriating Do as I say … Quote of the month comes from a Leicestershire traffic warden who was berated by parents for parking his own car illegally and dangerously near a school (on double yellow lines, at a junction and with two wheels on the pavement) while he dished out tickets to them. He allegedly told them that, as a parking enforcement officer (posh talk for traffic warden), “I can park wherever I like.” Unsurprisingly, he has been branded “hypocritical” and “rude,” given that there were plenty of legal spaces where he could have left his red Toyota Yaris. Harborough District Council, who employ the individual, undertook to reprimand the warden (sorry, ‘parking enforcement officer’) “if deemed appropriate.” Skirting round shorts To celebrate the UK’s hottest day of the summer at the end of June, boys at ISCA college in Exeter wore skirts to classes in protest after one of them was threatened with being put in isolation for wearing shorts. The school’s uniform code says boys must wear trousers, while girls are allowed to choose between grey trousers or a tartan skirt. Five boys wore skirts the following day, with others joining in later. One boy said the skirts were “quite refreshing,” while another said he enjoyed the “nice breeze.” The head teacher has now promised to discuss the 24 shorts issue with staff and parents. Similar action was taken in France where male bus drivers in Nantes opposed the company’s strict no-shorts policy by donning skirts which are allowed for female drivers. The company responded by allowing, “shorts which correspond to the uniform’s colour scheme of black and beige.” Meanwhile, parents at several other schools have been told that they would not be allowed to attend their children’s annual sports day. Reasons given varied but several referred to bad behaviour of mums and dads at previous events. However, Hurdsfield Community Primary School in Macclesfield