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Smalltalk Fernando’s Friends Fernando’s Friends Support Group evolved following a conversation with English Nurse Liz after the death of Sarah’s partner Fernando. They realised that there was a distressing lack of support available locally. They are a group of sympathetic people who wish to help others. Fernando’s Friends do not have charitable status. They want to develop a network of volunteers and professionals who can support people experiencing loss. All volunteers must have a police criminal record check, to protect vulnerable individuals. The group was formed to give support, information and advice, where appropriate, to people who are experiencing loss. Loss can involve bereavement, ill-health, lack of confidence, isolation. They respect confidentiality and hope to support each other sensitively, as well as raising awareness about the problems that we face. Volunteers may be asked to give a carer a break, spend some time chatting over a coffee or to provide occasional transport to medical appointments. If you would like to volunteer, or need support contact Sarah on 600 715 301 or email or contact Liz on 692 419 548 or email Lux Mundi trip were the last frontier with al-Andalus. After the visit a few people decided to walk down to the town, passing through the historic centre whereas others took the easier option and went by coach. There was then time to visit the Palacio Albaicil, an 18 century palace with a mild Baroque facade, home to a small museum exhibiting archaeological and cultural curios and also to have lunch in one of the many restaurants nearby. In the afternoon the coach took the party thto the village of Ermita Nueva to visit the Los Quesos Sierra Sur cheese factory where they were told how the prize winning cheeses are made using goat’s and sheep’s milk from local farmers. There was an opportunity to taste and buy mild, medium and mature cheeses. The coach took a different route home passing through the beautiful countryside around Alcaudete and Lucena, arriving back in Torre del Mar in the early evening. Everyone was tired but all agreed it had been a successful day out. Lux Mundi would like to thank all who supported this excursion, which enables then to continue with their charity work and we hope to see you on future trips, see page 56 for more details. The auction at Rye was three weeks later which gave them time to catalogue and advertise the items on the internet. The result was exciting as the watch fetched £1,400. Not quite a ‘Fools and Horses’ moment. But as Del said "we’ve had worst days". They told us the whole thing was a great experience. Nerja 41 Club are always looking for Ex- Round Tablers to join our 44 members from ten different countries. Please contact Alfie Fornear on 626 998 626 or or Three Cultures in Frigiliana During the last weekend of August Frigiliana will host its twelth annual fair celebrating the historic coexistence between three cultures in the village. The festival offers street entertainment including: parades with music, juggling, Nerja 41 Club fame Two of Nerja 41 Club’s members (Ex Round Tablers) have appeared on the ‘Flog It’ TV programme and have told SolTalk all about it. ‘Flog It’ came to Herstmonceux Castle, East Sussex and Robert Drysdale along with his wife Rosemary (members of the Nerja 41 Club) went along with a gold Recently, 46 International friends of Lux Mundi, Torre del Mar, accompanied by tour guide Carolyn Bowen, travelled by coach, to Alcala la Real in the province of Jaen. On arrival in Alcala they visited La Fortaleza de la Mota (pictured), situated at an altitude of 1,033 metres with beautiful views over the town and the surrounding countryside. Here they were able to discover streets, squares, parapet walks, cellars and religious and military buildings which, in the Middle Ages, on the watch. They were surrounded by cameras with a Director and the whole shoot took about 45 minutes. Very Hollywood! Obviously there was a lot of subsequent editing. Hunter Pocket watch. They arrived at the Castle at 7.30am and were already about 60th in the queue. When let in they were marshalled into an area of about six valuers who were looking at every item. Their valuer was impressed by the watch and after checking with James Lewis confirmed that James would like to film it. They were taken to a holding room and given refreshments. That day they were filming four episodes and there were about 30 people in the room. They were called at about 2.30 and did the filming with James. During the filming an estimate of £800 to £900 was agreed 2 2 2 2 fakir, belly dancing and also children’s activities with traditional games, storytelling, children’s theatre, puppets .... All this with a street market in which original products are offered to the visitors, filling the streets with a cosmopolitan and festive atmosphere. The records speak for themselves, in the tenth edition, celebrated in 2015, records were broken with more than 45,000 visitors during the four days of the fair. You can find out more by visiting: Sponsored walk Pauline Kennedy is once again organising a sponsor ݅ѼɅ͔չ́) Ց%ЁݥMչ䰁Mѕ(хѥЁAՕє Ȱ9ɩ(Q݅ݥѼ5ɼ)ѡɕɸѼAՕє%)ݽձѼAձȁݽձ)ͽ͡ɴ͔ȁ(ĀȁȁЁɽѡ Ց)͡Ʌє Ʌ鄰9ɩ