Soltalk 2018 August 2017 - Page 18

News Beach death A 52-year-man died on Málaga’s La Araña beach last month. Witnesses told how he was spotted floating in the water and was brought to shore where he was unable to be resuscitated by the emergency services. It is unclear whether he drowned or suffered some other health problem. Physio petition The suspension of physiotherapy services at the municipal health centre in Torrox for three weeks has prompted a petition of protest. More than 300 people have signed the document which points to the inconvenience of its mainly elderly users who have to travel to Vélez- Málaga Hospital for treatment instead. The closure is because of staff summer holidays. A&E temps Málaga’s Regional Hosiptal has taken to Facebook to advertise for temporary staff in the A&E departments. A message which appeared last month stated that eight positions are available until October to cover staff summer leave. Medical unions have criticised the regional health service for a lack of planning to cover periods of summer holidays. Scrap fire A fire at a scrapyard in Vélez-Málaga last month destroyed 30 vehicles. The blaze broke out on Los Zamoranos industrial estate while a machine was being used to compact the vehicles. No- one was injured in the incident which is thought to have been started by a spark generated by the friction of metals against one another during the compacting process. Harvest warning Sub-tropical fruit production in the Axarquía is facing a “catastrophic” harvest this year, according to farmers and growers. The precautionary water cuts for irrigation introduced in April will become more widespread in August, they warn, if conditions do not improve. In addition, they say early heat in June has already damaged some fruits such as the mango. Nerja’s new gardens are open Nerja’s new botanical garden has finally opened, three years after construction work was completed. It covers 26,000 square metres on a site next to the entrance to the famous caves complex at Maro. The €3 million project got underway in 2011 with European funding but the opening was delayed partly because of a ݙ\]X[Y[Y[]Y[H[HH[[XXH[B[][ۈXX[Y\H\B]\ˈ\\[ۜ\H۝[Z[]\[\[۝8&\[]Y\][ۂ\[[۞K\x&\X^[܋H\X[[H[x&\[\ۛY[[[܋H\[ Y[YYۙY[]ܙ\\Z[›XYKH\[\ZY][\ۙ\[Y[Y][ۘ[ܛY]][ۂ[Y[X]KY]][ۈ[Y™Y\[[[XX[X[ۜ]H[و[ܙH[ XY\›ۈ\^KۙHوHYHX[ۜ™X]\\\H[[[\YXY\˜[[ۈH\XK]\[B[[ZKH\[[[Y\B\ܛH܈YX][ۘ[\][ܚ˂]\[[XXx&\ L[X[\[[\[HXX]\H^B^\[^HHK [HŒˌ KYZ\[ۈ\YKXۈ[^[XBHXY\وH][ۈ\Y”[\[[^Sp[YH\]Y\YYHXX[]Hو[[[H[XB\[H]Y[[^[ܜH[X\[\[Yۚ[H\˜Z[YY]H[ݙH[[\]B[[ܙX\H[H\][YX]]K8'ۜ\]Y[[\Xۂ][X\[[Y[ۘ[XX™[[\˸'B\HYYH[[H L[܈[Y\›X^[܈و[^Sp[YKH[]^B\][ۈ\\[YX]\HوBYX[][]YYX] H\˜\[H][X\[]x&\\[YZ[\][ۈ[\H]8'B]\'H\[ۈ[[[H[XB[[HYHۈ\\[X[\\YY]8'HHXX[\\[K'H\[[H K^YX\[X[\]K^YX\[]Y\[H[Z[HY[YY[B\H\H\YHH[H[BY^\[[YHو[[X\\[۝ HX[&\YH[^YX\Bۈ\]Y ]]\H\[\˜\ˈH[Z[H\HۈZ\[X[Y^HHZ\][HYH[[YH]H[[&\ܘ[[\]\[H[YKHZ[YY\[۝]XZœXX[X[\[^\Y[B؛[H܈[ܝ][ۈ[[^Bp[YH[\[X]Y]HXX[\Y8$HY\[H]Y[[[˜[[YHH\[\8$[\H]Y[ [ L \[YH\[H\\ˈ]\\[H]]8 K \[Y]K[^Sp[YH\[\8 ۂ]HڙX[\ݙH]XXœ\[\[ˈH[ݙHB][\[\Y[و8 [B[[XXH[[&\\HZ[YB[Y[[\[[X^X]K[ۂ[[[[\H܂\Y][ۋH][]X]]H[YB K [ۈHX\XH[X[œ\[[^MH[\Y][[[Y[H[XH][H[]˜]YY[YH\\X\[H[XXوHX[\ܝ[X[Y[][ۜ[]\YHB\و]Y]ܜ