Atworth Village Magazine June July 2013 - Page 5

Send your news, articles and notices to Editorial After my article last month about the width of the pavements on the south side of the village and how this affects the school children, I was asked to prepare a brief on how I saw the problems. I began by photographing the pavement pinch points and measuring them too. I did discover that at the two tightest points the pavement is actually <0.8 mtrs wide or 30 inches. A lorry wing mirror might stick out 12 inches so must encroach on the pavement to a degree if a lorry is coming the other way! I also discovered something really surprising—that there are no warning signs you are approaching a zebra crossing!! I photographed the heading west approach to prove it. So now it would seem the crossing is not covered by road traffic law. Does this prove something of how villages are viewed by Wiltshire council? Perhaps its just all too much effort? I heard a rumour that some villagers do not read the magazine!!! Please tell your neighbours and friends what excellent value the magazine is and how informative. There are two other websites that are about Atworth This site chocked full of local Parish information for both residents and outsiders. The Parish Council .uk Paul Tyler The Atworth Village Magazine Advertising rates & conditions per issue from 1st September 2012 Size Issues: 1 2-11 (each) 12 (each) Whole page £25.00 £23.50 £22.00 Half page £14.00 £12.50 £12.00 Quarter page £11.00 £ 10.00 £ 9.00 Eighth page £ 8.00 £ 7.00 £ 6.50 Discounts are on consecutive issues only. Booking: Please book advertising by email : Copy/Payment Date: All advertising copy and payment must be received by the 1st day of the month preceding the copy date. Or post, or hand deliver Copy & Payment (with your postal address & telephone number to: 59 Bath Road Atworth. Receipts: if required, please send a stamped addressed envelope with your payment. Distribution: for matters of subscription or delivery Post: The Editor, Atworth Village Magazine 59 Bath Road Atworth Wiltshire SN12 8JY Email: Please pay with your Booking: to be sure of your advertising space, send a cheque payable to “Paul Tyler” or hand deliver cash to: The Editor, Atworth Village Magazine 59 Bath Road Atworth SN12 8JY Email: Subscriptions: Single copies are £1.40. One year subscriptions are £14.00 including 2nd Class postage. (Overseas: contact the Editor) NB. No liability will be accepted for loss or damage caused by error or omission from advertisements or content. The Editor is not responsible for views or opinions expressed by contributors to the magazine. We reserve the right to edit submissions as necessary. Atworth Village Magazine—June/July 2013 Page 5