Atworth Village Magazine June July 2013 - Page 3

Send your news, articles and notices to June/July 2013 Dear Reader Are you confused? The cover says June/July so the next edition will be August. This is because I have been asked by a couple of advertisers to change this as it makes sense for the magazine to be dated for the full month it is in circulation. As you may remember one of the reasons I wanted to take on the village magazine was to try and help make the village a more coherent community, by being involved with village events and parties etc. I’m delighted to say with the new Village hall trustees I can see more events being created for us and established events such as the Autumn show being taken under their wing. This is great news! 2014 is the centenary of the village hall being given to the village and I know plans are underway to celebrate this great occasion. I was talking with my daughter about how we might celebrate living in Atworth and she suggested we hold an evening of extravagant entertainment in the Village Hall. After further discussion we thought it might be fun to have an Atworth has talent evening, allowing villagers to show off their talents, whatever they may be, or whatever their age! Not content to leave it there, but to also lay on entertainment within the evening too and ensure everyone who attends has a wonderful time. Further details on page 25! I’d very much like to make this magazine bigger and glossier and one way to help me do this is by donating a small amount to the magazine fund through the website. Obviously this is totally voluntary and only if you think each edition has some value to you. Visit the website magazine page to see more. Paul Tyler Editor Cover Photo with thanks to village photographer Paul Tyler Atworth Village Magazine—June/July 2013 Page 3