Atworth Village Magazine June July 2013 - Page 23

Send your news, articles and notices to Saying Goodbye In our lives there are many times when we are saying goodbye. Sometimes the goodbye can be to family or friends who have visited; sometimes it can be goodbye to a particularly difficult time in life and then we are glad to say goodbye. Rather like when you have had a bad year- and a new year begins and you look forward to this, hoping it will be a better year. Saying goodbye though can be one of the most difficult things in life to do especially when we wonder if we will ever be seeing that person again? Which is why ‘good’ goodbyes are important and part of saying goodbye is the opportunity to show our appreciation and thanks. As many of you will know I am saying goodbye to you all as we leave the area and move to another part of the country. I have accepted a Post as Rector of St. Peter’s Addingham in the Yorkshire Dales and with special responsibility as Officer for IME 4-7 for the training of Curates in Bradford Diocese. This is a huge privilege and honour and is the way that God has surprised me with inviting me and my family on this new journey of faith with him. We have been here in the Benefice of Atworth with Shaw and Whitley for 6 years and have enjoyed our time here. We have met some wonderful people and although it is goodbye we take with us some special memories of our time with you. So thank you for all that you have done to enrich our lives. God be with you all, in all your journeys, wherever they may take you. Rev’d Jill Perrett and family ATAG News Atworth’s Village Gates There is no doubt that Atworth’s new village gates re-enforce the fact that drivers are entering a community when they drive through the gates, and that they will be of benefit to the village. The provision of extra length road-hatching and cat’s eyes should also help to dissuade some of the recalcitrant and risky over-takers from their behaviour. However, within practically the first week or so of the work being completed, ATAG had two reports of drivers ignoring the hatched areas and, at speed, overtaking vehicles travelling up the hill towards the farm shop. We will be watching this carefully, and the Neighbourhood Police Tasking Group have agreed that a careful watch should be kept on the degree to which the hatching resolves this issue, compared with double white lines, which have the force of law. Police & Crime Commissioner Meeting Two members of ATAG’s Organising Committee were able to attend P&CC Angus Mcpherson’s Performance Review meeting in Trowbridge on 4th June. Both members of ATAG’s OC asked questions of the Commissioner: one question on traffic speed just after the “Wadwick Straight” and another on the £m116 which Wiltshire spent on dealing with Road Traffic Collisions in 2011. Following the meeting both members recorded interviews for BBC Radio Wiltshire on the questions posed. School Travel Route ATAG will be measuring the pavement widths along the School Travel Route (A365) and considering how a 20mph limit might be applied during school travel hours. ATAG Organising Committee ATAG web: and email: Page 23 Atworth Village Magazine—June/July 2013