Atworth Village Magazine June July 2013 - Page 21

Send your news, articles and notices to Atworth WI At this month's meeting the W. I. National AGM resolution was discussed. This deplores the decline of Britain's High Streets, and urges the Government to act to save them. While the meeting agreed unanimously, we also felt that unless parking was free and shops much more accessible, there would be no chance of improvement. 2 members had been on a W.I. coach holiday to Northumberland, and had had a fantastic time, visiting the Farne Islands to see Puffins, Alnwick Castle's marvellous gardens, and Durham Cathedral. 4 members had helped at a Craft Exhibition at Great Chalfield, and although we were ve ry busy helping with refreshments, we had time to see patchwork, card craft and willow weaving. Tea and coffee was served during the discussion of the Resolution, and afterwards a sales table with plants, cakes, jam and W.I. raffle tickets, and orders for diaries and calendars went very well. The August meeting is our Cream Tea, to be held at Poplar Farm on the 19th at 3.00 p.m. We would be delighted to see any ex-members who would like to come, and hope they will ring either Pat Ruffell (01225 790340), or Jean Kain on 01225 708813. If you do not drive we can arrange a lift. Jean Kain Neighbourhood Watch Fighting crime with Neighbourhood Watch This month I thought I would write about what Neighbourhood watch is all about. Neighbourhood Watch is the largest voluntary organisation in the UK. Over a quarter of homes across the country are members working with each other and the police to reduce crime and increase community safety. Each Neighbourhood watch scheme is different, as it depends on the area and what the people living there want and need. All over the country communities face different challenges, and different levels of crime. Here in Atworth we want to know what most concerns you in order to focus on specific problems. By forming a picture of local crime and identifying the opportunities for crime reduction we can then form an action plan to tackle the problem. Most crime is opportunist, committed on the spur of the moment, for example when a car or house is left unlocked. This means there is enormous scope for reducing opportunities for criminals. Neighbourhood watch is also about bringing people closer together and involving them in local life. A stronger community spirit grows as people get to know each other and look out for one another. Anyone can join our Atworth Neighbourhood Watch and we welcome new members with open arms. We value your opinions. To join please contact Rosemary Ward at 01225 791810. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you soon. Rosemary Ward Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator for Atworth. Atworth Village Magazine—June/July 2013 Page 21