Atworth Village Magazine June July 2013 - Page 11

Send your news, articles and notices to ATWORTH INDEPENDENT CHURCH The Chapel by the Clock Tower A Warm Welcome to our Services to All Sunday services 11:00am except 3rd Sunday each month: 11:00am & 3:15pm followed by tea 2nd Friday each month: Coffee stop or soup lunch times as advertised Tuesday 28th May was a very wet day, but we re grateful to all those who supported the afternoon tea in aid of Dorothy House. The grand sum of £155..00 was donated and has been forwarded to Dorothy House. The second Friday in July - 12th - is another occasion to come along and enjoy homemade soup, a musical interlude and tea and cakes. So rain or shine, please come and join us. Soup will be served at 12.15 p.m. Rodney and Christine. Young Correspondent Firstly I would like to apologise for not writing an article last month. Unfortunately time flies when you're doing revision. I have also been preoccupied with my new job at the White Hart. I'm really enjoying working there and would like to thank everyone for making me feel so welcome. I would also like to congratulate Kirsty and Nathan on the birth of baby Tegan. I know Freya is really enjoying being a big sister. I have also had a suggestion about doing interviews with people in the village which I can write my article on. This idea came from the little chef at the white hart who has a better singing voice than Olly Murs himself when singing "Dear Darling". So if you would like me to write an article about you or about someone else you know in Atworth, please send me an email and I will get back to you. I have heard about how lots of people have been visiting the recreation ground and taking part in a bit of sunbathing. Sadly I have not had the chance to take part in this due to exams but will hopefully be able to soon! (That is unless the sun decides to hide away again). Recently I have finished reading The Great Gatsby. OH.MY.GOSH. I would have to say it has reached my top 10 best books and would suggest that you should read it. A new film version has also been released, which I hope to see soon. My friends who have already seen it say it's fantastic and very cleverly done. This has also helped me revise the roaring 20's in America for my history exam. I thought I'd finish with a little joke from my maths revision guide. What do you call a fish with no eyes? A fsh Elena Rossi Atworth Village Magazine—June/July 2013 Page 11