Attorney At Law Magazine Vol 5 Issue 10 - Page 9

opted-in), phone calls and direct mail to improve your conversion rates; (b) Follow up way more often and more frequently than you are comfortable with; and (c) Never ever make an attorney responsible for follow up. While they may have good intentions, they will never do it consistently. 3. Marketing System: What specific things are you going to do to better market and grow your law firm? Divide it up into online and offline marketing strategies. Online includes your website, blogging, social media and press releases. Offline strategies can include: a monthly newsletter, seminars, networking, lunch with potential referral sources, etc. Be sure to diversify your marketing efforts so you are not completely reliant on word-of-mouth, which is notoriously unreliable. How should I deal with pricing objections? Why am I being “shopped on price”? When attorneys come to me complaining of being shopped on price I tell them three things: 1. Only 15 percent of people buy solely based on price, which means 85 percent of people take price into consideration but it’s not their only or even their most important consideration. The best thing you can do for your practice is identify those true “price shoppers” early on in the consult and quickly refer them to your competitors because they are nothing but trouble. 2. It’s almost never about the money! When people focus on the price, it’s rarely about the money—it is almost alway