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TABLE OF CONTENTS Features: 12 Steven M. Ellsworth Attorney of the Month By Vicki Hogue-Davies Professional Profile By Haley Freeman 24 Larry Goldstein 35 Helene Fenlon Attorney Profile By Lynette Carrington editorial: 8 Asked & Answered: Practical Wisdom for Attorneys on Referrals, Systems, Price Shopping and Much More By Stephen Fairley 10 Will Arizona’s Economic Loss Doctrine Limit or Expand Construction Defect Claims? By Adam B. Campbell 15 How Many Servers Does Your Firm Really Need? By Dave Kinsey 16 What Do You Mean My Computer- Implemented Idea Is Not Eligible For Patent Protection? The Evolving Landscape of Patent Eligible Subject Matter By Brandt D. Madsen 18 Property Settlements - When Equal Is Not Equal By Nancy Hetrick 20 Within Reasonable Medical Probability By Amon T. Ferry, MD 21 5 Things You Need To Do On Google+ Right Now By Laura Richelle Scott 22 Progression of a Family Law Case By Jeff Biddle 23 Why Do Partners Move Firms? By Raj M. Nichani 26 Fraud Risk Assessment By Joe Epps, CPA/CFF/ABV, CFE, CVA 28 What About the House? By Brian Kusmer 29 Inbound Marketing for Law Firms: Let the Fish Swim into Your Net By Tanner Jones 30 When is a Punitive Damages Award Too Big? A Five-Part Analytical Framework for Appeals and Post-Judgment Motions By Robert A. Mandel 32 Leaving a Legacy Should Not be Difficult By Dan Morris 33 Another Reason to Nurture Your Law Firm’s Culture — Marketing Why You Need to Develop a Brand & 4 Tips to Get You Started By Hillel L. Presser, Esq., MBA 34 How DUIs in Arizona Are Being Shaped By Daubert By Craig Rosenstein 36 11 Publicity Misconceptions That Cost Lawyers A Fortune By Trey Ryder 38 Jury Must Decide Eligibility for Death Even With a Plea to Capital Charges; What Should Be in the Plea By Robert Gottsfield Special Sections: 40 Out on the Town 42 Talk of the Town Attorney at Law Magazine is published by: Target Market Media Publications Inc. TARGETMARKETMEDIA Ken Minniti President & CEO of Target Market Media Publications Inc. Executive Publisher/Editor-in-Chief, Attorney at Law Magazine Howard LaGraffe Vice President Robert Minniti CPA,MBA Chief Financial Officer Ryan Greer Vice President, Corporate Division Caitlin Demo Associate Editor Maureen Sullivan Market Development Manager Miriam Underwood Production Manager Ana Ochoa Kendra Pelofske Graphic Design Francine LaGraffe Proofreader Lynette Carrington Haley Freeman Vicki Hogue-Davies Contributing Writers Britney Davies Brenda Ayon Administrative Contributing Editors Stephen Fairley - Legal Marketing Adam B. Campbell - Insurance Defense Brandt D. Madsen - Intellectual Property Nancy Hetrick - Divorce Finance Amon T. Ferry - Medical-Legal Support Jeff Biddle - Family Law Joe Epps - Forensic Accounting Brian Kusmer - Residential R.E. Robert A. Mandel - Appellate Law Dan Morris - Estate Planning Craig Rosenstein - DUI Law Copyright ©2013, Target Market Media all rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or part is strictly prohibited. Subscription rate: $7.95 per copy. Advertising rates on request. Bulk third class (standard) mail paid in Phoenix, Arizona. Although every precaution is taken to ensure accuracy of published materials, Attorney At Law Magazine & Target Market Media cannot be held responsible for opinions expressed or facts supplied by authors. Postmaster – please send notices to: Corporate Office 4647 N. 32nd Street Suite B280 Phoenix, AZ 85018 Phone (480) 219-9716 Fax (480) 419-9727 GREATER PHOENIX EDITION Associate Publishers: Carl Tichenor, Mark Blum & Santiago Sanchez Office: (480) 219-9716 Photography: Andrew Paul Uilkie Vol. 5 No. 10 Attorney at Law Magazine® Greater Phoenix | 7