Attorney At Law Magazine Vol 5 Issue 10 - Page 36

Legal Marketing 11 Publicity Misconceptions That Cost Lawyers A Fortune By Trey Ryder M ISCONCEPTION #1: You have to know someone at the media to get publicity. Not true. Whether you get publicity depends almost exclusively on the strength of your news release or story idea. It has almost nothing to do with who you know. As a rule, editors don’t go out on limbs, even for their friends. Editors want good stories. You give them a good story idea and you’ve got a good shot at getting it in print. You give them a bad story idea and your chances fall like a rock. MISCONCEPTION #2: You must pay for publicity. No. Print articles and broadcast interviews are almost always free. Some small publications, to assure their survival, give preference for articles to advertisers. Also, some publications offer special sections where, if you buy an ad, you get an article of equal size. But, for the most part, articles are written free by the major newspapers and magazines. Interviews are broadcast free by radio and TV stations. All you have to Detective Group - Family Matters Division Since 1981, do is provide them with a good idea they Investigations into: want to use. If they believe your idea will • Divorce • Asset Location • Elder & Child Abuse interest their audience, they will likely • Infidelity • Custody • Difficult Service write or broadcast your story. • Adoption Locates • Identity Theft • Missing Heirs MISCONCEPTION #3: You get • Internet Fraud / Catfish • Backgrounds publicity only if you’re a big advertiser. • Runaways • Modification of Support No. Advertising sales reps are (480) 946-7173 quick to point out that—other than advertising—they have nothing to do Licenses: AZ DPS PI #1001965 . CA PI 14204 . AZ Supreme Court CI AZ Supreme Court Process Servers with what goes in print or over the Discovery 36