Attorney At Law Magazine Vol 5 Issue 10 - Page 3

When your case involves an expert witness, you need the right one. Fact is, a case can hang on the credibility and clarity of an expert witness, and we know how to deliver both. Our combined 50 years of industry experience means we have the ability – and credibility – to provide the highest level of analysis and compelling testimony. Whether we are evaluating an opposing expert’s report, assessing the strength of your client’s position, or combing through reams of documents and gigabytes of data, our opinion will be founded on thoughtful analysis and decades of experience. Clear and convincing testimony We understand the intensity of opposing counsel’s scrutiny. You can be confident our opinions will withstand even the most critical cross examination. Our reporting is thorough and well-documented. Our evaluation communicates the complex in simple terms. Our testimony is credible, confident and clear. Powerful and persuasive expert delivery We deliver our opinion with integrity and professionalism that earn the listener’s respect. We capture attention and keep it with sharp focus on the relevant points, without jargon or technobabble. We convince with clear explanation. The right answer Take the first step toward decoding the financial DNA your case may depend upon. Call us for a free consultation. What you don’t know about the data could be your opponent’s advantage. Litigation Support Expert Testimony Economic Damages Fraud Investigation Computer Forensics Intellectual Property Insurance Losses Breach of Contract Personal Injury The digital edge Our expertise in electronic discovery – a vital element of nearly every case today – goes far beyond the desktop computer. Our team has extensive knowledge and experience in computer forensics and electronic investigation. Your competitive advantage is our ability to research, preserve, and review every bit of potentially relevant digital data. Scottsdale, AZ • Telephone: 480.595.0943 • DECODING FINANCIAL DNA Joe Epps, President