Attorney At Law Magazine Vol 5 Issue 10 - Page 25

said. In most cases, Realtors are more than willing to share their commission with referral agents. As Goldstein works to build up his team of referring agents, he looks to legal and financial professions. Professionals in financial and legal fields are often involved in facilitating real estate transactions, but are not being compensated for it. According to Goldstein, many professionals are unaware of the additional income they could be earning by becoming referring agents. In fact, they may find that the income they earn as a referring agent rivals or exceeds what they earn in their core profession. In his many years as a real estate professional, Goldstein has worked with a number of referring attorneys. “A bankruptcy attorney has people who must sell their property. A financial planning attorney speaks to people about real estate investing all the time. An estate planning attorney takes care of their clients’ property that is bought and sold. A divorce attorney may have a client who sells one house and buys two others after the divorce. … Attorneys are the Andrew Paul Uilkie creators of this business, and they deserve to be compensated,” Goldstein said. One problem that Goldstein prophesied when work began on this project was the relationship between the referring agent and the real estate agent. “There needs to be a level of trust,” said Goldstein. In an effort to ensure that his referring agents have access to the top real estate agents, he goes beyond the “solid team of devoted professionals” found at Client First Realty. According to Goldstein, “Our Realtors average around 12 years in the business. Our business philosophy is right in our name, Clients First. We do it the old fashioned way. We communicate, we have experienced Realtors and if we can’t do it ourselves, we will find the right referral.” If Client First Realty doesn’t have the right fit for a client, then they will identify a qualified agent through the certified real estate specialist system, a national network of real estate professionals. Goldstein understands that for legal and financial professionals, they want to know that they are referring their clients to a solid agent, who will prove successful. It is more than just the client’s interest on the line; it is the professional’s relationship with his or her client. Outside of the office, Goldstein enjoys spending time with his lovely wife and real estate partner. You can often find him out playing golf or traveling. He has also been a member of the North Phoenix Chamber of Commerce since February. “I couldn’t recommend any group more than the North Phoenix Chamber of Commerce. I’ve never known a better group of people.” Goldstein knows that the toughest part of any professional career is marketing. Experienced Realtors spend most of their time searching for the next qualified buyer or seller. He also understands that clients are challenged to find the best Realtor for their situation. Because of these challenges, Goldstein and Client First Realty Referral Company took away the risk. Client First Realty Referral Company, LLC Larry Goldstein 2730 W Agua Fria Fwy Suite 102 Phoenix, AZ 85027-7202 (602) 989-4200 Vol. 5 No. 10 Attorney at Law Magazine® Greater Phoenix | 25