Attorney At Law Magazine Vol 5 Issue 10 - Page 21

Reputation Management 5 Things You Need To Do On Google+ Right Now By Laura Richelle Scott W hether or not you use Google+ in your personal life, this directory and social network in one is a vital online marketing tool for business owners and professionals of all industries. Implementing the following steps is quick and can take you from a dull online presence to becoming a master in social media and location-based marketing. 1. Claim Your Google+ Local Listing Claiming your listing with Google is an easy process that requires you to prove that you are the owner of the business. Google will either send a postcard in the mail, a call or a text message to provide you with a pin number that you will enter into the designated space in the listing. The claiming process is instantaneous with the phone verification method and can take as little as one week with the postcard verification method. To get the verification process started, just click on “Manage your page” and follow the instructions. Why claim your Google+ Local listing? The next step describes how you can use it to benefit your clients and your own search engine optimization (SEO) initiatives. 2. Optimize Your Google+ Local Listing With your newly verified page, you can update your phone number, address, email address, keywords, website link, social links, logo, hours of operation and company description. Google will give more credibility to a listing that is complete, so do not forego the small details. • Contact information: Keeping your contact information up-to-date and accurate is vital to off-site SEO and also to your customers. This information will give them quick driving directions and make it easier for them to contact you when they’re mobile. • Keywords: The keywords that you list for your business help Google categorize what type of services you offer to ultimately help the end user find your listing. By being thorough and listing all of the necessary keywords for your firm, it can help you to bring in new clients who found you by searching those keywords. • Website and Social Links: Linking your Google+ Local to your website and social links not only helps your clients to connect with you online, but it is exponentially beneficial for off-site SEO and your entire web presence. Adding these links helps Google determine the relevancy of your website in the Google search while connecting it with your social profiles. 3. Create a Google+ Page From your dashboard you have the option of adding a number of extra features to your listing, the Google+ Page is one of them. A Google+ Page can be added in seconds, giving you the advantage of managing the profile just like a social network. 4. Add a Cover Photo Google+ Pages are somewhat unique in the world of social networking for the fact that they leave a huge amount of space available for a cover photo. To fill this space, upload a professional picture of your entire staff, your office building, or your logo to make your page stand out and be memorable. It is worth it to hire a professional graphic designer for properly sized and designed cover images for all of your social networking profiles. 5. Post on Your Page With the addition of the Google+ Page, you now have the ability to post updates, articles, pictures, videos and more. Keeping your page active is arguably more important than creating the page in the first place. As a professional and an expert in your field, this is where you can share your thoughts on the latest news and issues in your industry. Posting interesting content is the best way to attract and retain new followers. Continuously updating your posts is beneficial for off-site SEO as well. Once Google recognizes the amount of activity on your page, it will give it more authority in the search results. Consequently, Google will actually feature your recent posts in the search results when your brand is searched. This means that people don’t even have to click all of the way into your page before they can see what type of firm you are. Laura Richelle Scott is a graduate of the University of Montana SoBA and the Web content manager for the online reputation management firm, Search Control. At Search Control, Laura and the team of Web designers, Web developers, Web content writers, public relations gurus and social media managers build a positive online presence for business owners around the nation and the world. The team offers online reputation management services in English and Spanish. Search Control executives have decades of experience in Web-based business and have the tools to keep your firm relevant online. To learn more, visit or call 1-800-399-2001. Vol. 5 No. 10 Attorney at Law Magazine® Greater Phoenix | 21