Applications The IDS3010 is widely applicable : as displacement sensing system for the calibration of axes, in quality assurance applications, and in various machine tools. As a vibrometer, the sensor measures vibrations in a contactless, fast and ultra precise manner. Due to the fiber based design of the system, the base unit can be installed arbitrarily far away from the tiny, noninvasive sensor heads. This allows for measurements even in the most confined or inaccessible spaces. Calibration of Machine Tools Displacement Sensor • Nano precise calibration of axes and complete machines • Compatible with extreme reactive gases, and vacuu • Quick and easy installation, flexible use • Measurements in the mos Displacement Sensor in Quality Assurance • Universal measuring and testing device in precision measuring chambers • Integration in coordinate measurement machines Sensing System in Ma Measurement technology for ultra precise Pick & Place Applications • In-line process control of micro assembly systems • Nanometer repeatability increases positioning and assembly accuracy • Integrated displacement s • Resolver system for high p (precise trajectories in CN • Ultra precise real time me errors such as sidestrokes