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Specifications IDS3010 Sensor number of sensor axes 3 working distance 0…5000 mm (depending on sensor head) sensor resolution 1 pm sensor repeatability 2 nm 1) max. target velocity 2 m/s measurement bandwidth 10 MHz signal stability (WD: 77 mm) 0.110 nm (2σ) Modes of Operation measurement modes displacement, vibrometry remote operation integrated webserver output signal: electronics sin/cos, AquadB, HSSL, field bus systems (opt.) output signal: displacement measurement laser light (IR) output signal: alignment laser laser light (VIS) sensor alignment via integrated webserver or DLLS sensor initialization via integrated webserver or DLLS Interfaces analog interfaces sin/cos (real-time) digital interfaces AquadB, HSSL (real-time) field bus interfaces (optional) Biss-C field bus interfaces (on request) EtherCAT, CANopen, Profinet, Profinet RT Interfaces (BiSS-C) interface bandwidth BiSS-C up to 10 MHz (master clock frequency) external master clock up to 10 MHz clock interferometers axes independent clock input BiSS-C configuration point-to-point number of position bits 32 bit Controller Hardware chassis 50 x 55 x 195 mm³ weight 730 g power supply 12 V DC power consumption 8 W Measurement Laser laser source DFB laser (class 1) laser power 400 µW laser wavelength 1530 nm wavelength stability 50 ppb * at 10 mm working distance in vacuum conditions, +/-1ppm in ambient conditions