Atlanta Multisports Magazine Issue No 3 - Page 38

My name is Heather King, I am 44 years old. I am a wife, a mother and a grandmother to 7 month old Zoe Chanel. I currently work as a Investigator for The Child's Attorney Office. I was born in Indianapolis, Indiana and raised in Miami (Richmond Heights) Florida.

My love for skating and running has always been apart of my upbringing and through my school years, I was passionate about skating, but loved the freedom that cross-country gave me. In 1992 I didn't have the time or flexibility to run but was able to maintain my skating and life began, with kid in tow, full time job and grad school.

In 2011 my oldest daughter went off to college and my stress level skyrocketed and I had a lot of time on my hands and skating wasn't enough. Fast forward to Spring 2012 a co-worker invited me to a BGR run while training for an upcoming office 5k and after completing my first 5k, I realized that I actually missed running and I began to attend BGR groups in Atlanta and never looked back.

In 2013 my running took on a purpose during a luncheon with Tony Reed,NBMA co-founder & Executive Director. What little did I know at the time, that I was planting my legacy and I would be forever changed by that meeting. Mr. Reed shared his stories and the books he had written about running 7 Continents and 50 Marathons in 50 States. I had never herd of 1 black person at the time who had done so, and I was determined to be the 1st in my family. Running for me was no longer just a local 5k and a t-shirt, it was something much more. I would set the bar high and would challenge myself to run 7 Marathons on 7 continents by age 50.

Now the hard part was convincing my family, my husband gave me the thumbs up and told me to "knock myself out", my youngest daughter Jade was like "Seriously" and I expected that from a teenager. I started planning and I had exactly 7 years, 1 continent a year, I never thought about how would we pay for it, but my determination and drive would find a way. Fast forward to 2015 I am heading to Continent #3, The Great Wall of China and super excited to share my journey with others who dare to dream big.

1. Marine Corp Marathon 2013( North America)

2. Paris Marathon 2014 (Europe)

3. China Great Wall 2015 (Asia)