Atlanta Multisports Magazine Issue No 3 - Page 22

I started running in 2008 with a group known around the world for the not so serious and at times ultra dirty swampy running habits. I quickly embraced running in the woods with 10-20 of my closets running buddies as a favorite pass time.

In the early winter of 2008 I founded The Urban Run Club where no one gets left behind.

After facing a couple of major health concerns I became vegan and saw my performance and recovery spike. Trail running keeps my mind at peace and feeds my creative energies.

To date my most favorite races to run are 24 hour relay races, stage races, and tough 50 k races.

One of my favorite race memories was being the last runner to cross the finish line before the cut off for a 60 mile stage race.

I'm not the fastest and I don't sport the fanciest gear. I'm in it for the terrain challenges it brings me and for my blissful lifestyle.

I am currently a healthy lifestyle coach and working on my certification to teach yoga.

Before I kick the old bucket, I want to run one 100 miler trail race. I want the finishers belt buckle.