Atlanta Multisports Magazine Issue No 3 - Page 116

So how does Acupuncture work and why is it key to your preventative maintenance


Our bodies are intelligent machines and we are created with all sorts of

check-and-balance systems that help us to regulate our temperature, keep harmful

pathogens out, heal ourselves when we get injured, etc.. But over time, through the

demands we put on our bodies, stress, traumatic events (divorce, job loss, loss of

family / friends), poor diet and even our environment, our body systems are constantly

being challenged and tested. Eventually the systems get off balance (think of it like our

vehicles bouncing down a bumpy road, it can only take so much wear and tear before

the tires need to be rebalanced and alignment checked). For us, being off balance

means our systems start under-reacting (allowing that flu bug get in and get the best of

us!) or over-reacting (allergies is a perfect example!). With Acupuncture, points are

activated on your body that send messages encouraging the body to move back to a

balanced and centered state (for better handling on that bumpy road!). Acupuncture

facilitates healing at your core, from the inside out.

People often miss the early signs that our body’s systems are getting off balance

because they can take some sort of medication (OTC or prescription) that brings us

relief, but unfortunately, doesn’t fix what’s going on. Over time the early signs that we

often dismiss will get only get bigger, last longer and become more bothersome. We

may start missing work because we are always getting sick or feeling under the

weather. We may not be as physically active because we are in pain, our tendons are

less flexible or we are lacking the energy we once had. So, as you can see, catching

the imbalances early, getting our systems back on track sooner than later, prevents

costly, painful “repairs” down the road. The higher the demands we put on our bodies,

mentally, physically and emotionally, the more important it is that we stay up on our

preventative maintenance! Here’s another way to look at it ... two vehicles, one being driven 10,000 miles annually and the other is driven 50,000 miles annually. What would happen if we put the same level of maintenance into the 50,000 mile vehicle as we are putting into vehicle only driven 10,000 miles ... how long do you think the 50,000 mile vehicle would last?

Something to think about ... you can always get a new bike or new vehicle if the one you

have breaks down or is no longer meeting your needs, but you can’t do the same with

your body. It’s the body you came with you, it belongs to you, you are the owner of this

AMAZING MACHINE, so some might say it’s biggest investment of your life! Protect

your investment, take the best care of you that you can ... you’re worth it!

In the last issue of Atlanta MultiSports Magazine I introduced to you an Acupuncture

point called “Ambition Room”. It’s also the spirit in which I write these article. Each

article I will close by introducing you to another Acupuncture point. This edition, it’s Leg

Three Miles, located just below the knee. The spirit of this point is longevity;

encourages the strength to carry on, to keep going; provides stamina when the going

gets tough; helps strengthen the whole body.