Atlanta Multisports Magazine Issue No 3 - Page 115

Preventative Maintenance Helps Keep Painful, Costly Repairs Away ...

True for your vehicle, True for your bike ... and True for YOU!!

Our bodies are living breathing machines. And just like any other machine, we need

regular care and maintenance to keep operational, and more importantly, operating

efficiently and with ease! For all you triathletes & cyclists, you put a lot of thought and

consideration into purchasing just the right bike ... right? Then you take the time to

keep your bike clean, chain oiled, brakes working properly, tires and wheels in tip-top

condition ... right? The last thing you want during a race (or even while training!) is to

have your bike break down, not to mention how much you have invested in purchasing

this awesome machine! I think we all agree, preventative maintenance is a must!

Our bodies are complex machines and need thorough, complete care too! Would you

only put gas in your vehicle and never change your oil, check the brakes, change the

filters or rotate the tires? Preventative care comes in many forms and each address

different areas, but all work together to make sure the “machine” is working properly,

efficiently and able to meet the demands we put on it..Here’s how it works for the machines also known as our bodies ... Nutrition addresses

the fuel we put into our bodies, massage addresses the muscles that move us,

chiropractic makes sure your structural support system stays in alignment, etc.. Each by themselves is important but if you only do one form of maintenance it will only get you so far. After all, what good is to fill your gas tank if there is no oil in the engine, or you save a flat tire? But put a well rounded maintenance plan in place and “your machine” is going to perform even better ... and last longer!