Atlanta Multisports Magazine Issue No 3 - Page 104

Mountain Biking the essentials

There is no better feeling than the freedom of ripping through endless, twisting forest single track, flying through rolling plains or testing your skill on challenging, technical, downhill rock sections on a mountain bike. Exploring hidden and ancient hunters' trails, circling elevated lakes, waterfalls, abandoned buildings and ruins is always exciting. Wherever you ride a bike there is always something invigorating to discover - even when returning to your favorite trails as they change throughout the seasons. There is no worse feeling than suffering a "mechanical" that you cannot fix and having to push your bike home when you could be flying it back to your door. At the least you will suffer occasional blow-outs - at the worst you may destroy your rear derailleur! I have a fond memory from back in the day when I bought my first mountain bike - I had no idea. Wearing ragged denim shorts, a heavy rock and roll t-shirt, an uncomfortable canvas desert backpack with a half empty mineral water bottle inside I found myself 40 kilometers along the coastline with a puncture, no tools, no mobile phone, and no repair kit. Fortunately, I was becalmed beside a large port. The secret is to find the right balance between carrying enough equipment to get you through almost any problem and keeping your pack as light as possible.