Atlanta Multisports Magazine Issue No 3 - Page 102

The concept of this “branch” of the WtNA Organization is for volunteers to

once a month RUN the streets of Atlanta with Backpacks full of Food Donations

to hand out to all the Homeless people we encounter. The idea though is yes we

hand out PB&J Sandwiches, but this may last someone an hour before they are

hungry again. Our mission is more focused on hearing stories, shaking

hands, encouraging, lifting up, and ultimately try to bring HOPE to situations

that may seem Hopeless. Our Goal is to provide Volunteers with an in depth

and unique experience unlike any other, a journey if you will, through the

Heart of Atlanta. A chance to see the city with fresh eyes,and an opportunity

to change lives, while getting in a phenomenal workout at the

same time.In my own personal journey, there was never any support, no one

in my corner. I will be honest that was really hard, for it has always been

an uphill battle, a mountain to climb. My focus for this charity and all

of my work is to be a helping hand, a light in the dark, a voice that says

you are not alone. I believe that anything is possible, for my struggle has

made me realize that we all have unlimited potential if we only Dare to Dream.

A long time ago I learned to quit seeing the book by it’s cover, instead of seeing

who a person is, I now only see who a person can be. I believe we can change

the world. My motto for RUN is: “Fitness is FUN, and we love serving the

community, so like Peanut Butter & Jelly we decided to combine the 2”.

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