Atlanta Multisports Magazine Issue No 3 - Page 101

In my journey I found a passion for serving.

I traveled to many parts of the world on mission

trips, humanitarian projects, and a couple of years

ago I became involved in a grass roots organization

a couple of friends started called “Wandering to

Nourish Atlanta”. This charity was focused on

helping the Homeless. I found that I loved this

work, not only the aspect of helping people in

need, but also building a “community” of

volunteers. As I got more involved, I

found there was something missing, that if this

was a recipe or a formula there was an ingredient

that currently was not there. I realized that

serving the community is Amazing, but why

not mix in FITNESS. Give people the opportunity

to reach personal Goals, while at the same time

helping others. Thus RUN (Reduce Urban Neglect)

was born.”